Suited to Perfection

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Carefully craft the perfect suit, and go anywhere in style.


Shopping a suit and its various coordinates can be overwhelming—unless you’re prepared. From what’s hot in shirts, ties, pants and lapels, we’ve mapped out everything you need to know to buy the perfect pieces. Take notes…because a suiting disaster can be as simple as an off-the-mark tie.

1. The Shoulders
If the shoulder pads extend beyond your shoulders, it’s too big. The suit should hug your shoulders right off the rack; don’t count on a tailor to make it work.

2. The Lapel
A notch lapel is standard, but a peak lapel makes more of a statement. Plus, it extends the shoulder line, so it’s flattering on everyone.

3. The Color
If you plan on wearing it at least once a week, a suit that’s dark and classic is your best bet.

4. The Sleeves
The length of your suit sleeve is perfect if it reveals ¼ inch of your shirt cuff.

5. The Vent
You can’t go wrong with an always-in-style center vent. Side vents are also acceptable; they’re more European, and create clean lines.

6. The Buttons
Today’s two-button suits are streamlined, modern and most popular. If you opt for a three-button style, choose a suit with a soft lapel and button only the middle button so the lapel rolls over the top.

7. The Shirt
Stick to fitted shirts with well-defined cuffs, and avoid dramatic collars.

8. The Pocket Square
Retro pocket squares are ideal for taking your look to the next level. Whether you work a casual plop or a basic rectangle is up to you.

9. The Tie
Striped ties reference today’s Ivy League trend. Half-Windsor and Four-In-Hand knots are still suitable for all occasions, and complement a standard shirt collar.

10. The Cuff Links
While not essential, cuff links contribute personality to a look. Match the metal with the tone of your belt buckle and wrist watch, and—if colorful—make sure the shade complements your tie, pocket square or dress shirt.

11. The Pants
Slim, flat-front pants are trending, but not for every body type; if your suit has pleats, make sure they’re discreet. As for length, request a full break; pants should be hemmed to reach the top of the heel of a standard dress shoe, which will make for a nice break over the front of the shoe.

12. The Shoes
The right boot can, and should, be worn with a suit. Pick a no-fuss pair in luxe leather, and with a clean toe.

[1] Corneliani suit, Robert Talbott Carmel tie, and Hanauer pocket square available at Mister Guy, Ladue, 314.692.2003. Eton shirt available at Woody’s Frontenac, 314.569.3272.

[2] Robert Talbott cuff links available at Mister Guy, Ladue, 314.692.2003.

[3] Hugo Boss boots available at Moris Fashions, Central West End, 314.361.6800.



Corneliani suit, Robert Talbott Carmel tie, Eton shirt and Hanauer pocket square

Corneliani suit, Robert Talbott Carmel tie, Eton shirt and Hanauer pocket square


Robert Talbott cuff links


Hugo Boss boots

Hugo Boss boots


Photo credit: Photos by Carmen Troesser

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