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Glosses make way: this season kissers will don coats of lipstick in shades strikingly bold to nearly naked.


For a long time, lipstick got the cold shoulder from most women, the consensus being that lipstick seemed old-fashioned and its execution laborious (Lip liner? Blotting? Constant reapplication? The embarrassment of it creeping onto your teeth? No thanks). This season, fall’s lip look is giving the smooch to fruity glosses and overly lacquered finishes and saying hello a more ladylike approach where lips are enrobed in creamy, nude hues and bold berry shades.

Imitable beauties Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria Parker and Jennifer Lopez turn to Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger, a line of customizable cosmetics that offers a generous selection of colors, versatility and high-quality production and packaging. Motives Rich Formula Lipsticks, which are vitamin and mineral packed and highly moisturizing, are available in shades to complement any skin tone. Check out Ridinger’s universally flattering selections handpicked from Motives’ collection.


Perhaps less intimidating than a true red, berry-slicked lips look just as pulled together at the office as they do on the dance floor—and on the catwalk. Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani sent models down the catwalk with lips in shades from pretty cranberry to bolder blackberry. Pair Motives’ Scarlet shade with warm wash of slightly metallic gold or sand-colored eyeshadow, or forgo the shadow altogether à la the wine-lipped ladies walking the runway at Lanvin. Remember, when rocking a bolder pout, it’s a good idea to go easier on the rest of your makeup.


Not since the ’90s has brown-toned lipstick been so buzzy. Back then, Drew Barrymore and the cast of”Beverly Hills 90210″ wore highly matte, ruddy colors that can look dated if worn today. 2010’s incarnations are luxuriously creamy with a light shine. Motives’ new Café au Lait shade has warm peachy undertones that look great with the season’s rich chocolate and plum eyeshadow


This easy-to-wear Motives shade is perfection for casual days when you’re trying to achieve a more natural look. But don’t stop there—nudes are beautiful when paired with an intense smoky eye, a combo that brings balance to the face by playing up one amazing feature at a time.


Motives Cosmetics at Advanced Laser Clinic
Want to experience Motives for yourself? Advanced Laser Center is the only medspa in St. Louis to offer the entire Motives line. But it gets better: Advanced Laser’s staff of experts, led by Joanna Johnsen, offer a unique in-offi ce experience in order to help clients achieve the ideal makeup look suited just for their skin tone and concerns. “The line is all about customization,” says Johnsen. “We customize mineral powders, liquid mineral foundations, blushes, shimmers, bronzers and even concealers.”

Advanced Laser’s consultation room is private and beaming with natural light, an important factor in properly testing makeup. Using 26 different colors, the Motives experts can create a foundation shade that’s an exact match for any skin tone and texture. “Our clients choose every aspect of their formula, whether they want a luminescent or matte finish, how silky or rich it feels, even how much sunscreen they want,” says Johnsen. Experts even consider each client’s unique face shape, bone structure and eye shape to create each woman’s own unique look. For more info on Motives at Advanced Laser, log on to or call 314.994.1536.

To find out more about Motives Cosmetics, visit


1000_434.jpgMotives•À_ Scarlet Lipstick

1001_434.jpgPadma Lakshmi makes a statement with some bold lip color

1002_434.jpgKyra Sedgwick with scarlet lipstick

1003_434.jpgPadma Lakshmi makes a statement with some bold lip color

1004_434.jpgMotives•À_ Caf•À_ au Lait Lipstick

1005_434.jpgCarey Mulligan in a delicate brown lip shade.

1006_434.jpgLeighton Meester with cafe au lait lips

1007_434.jpgHalle Berry with subtle hues on her lips

1008_434.jpgMotives•À_ Flesh Lipstick

1009_434.jpgLea Michele dons a nude lip color

1010_434.jpgKate Winslet with an elegant nude lip

1011_434.jpgRihanna with a flesh colored lipstick


Photo credit: Photos by Derek Feldman

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