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Marta’s, owned by entrepreneur Marta Gaska, is one of St. Louis’ longest running boutiques—and one-half of a very stylish family business (sister boutique, MOD, is owned and operated by Gaska’s two daughters, Lauren and Tania). Gaska’s commitment to style is as fierce as the store’s collection of merchandise, which includes style-savvy selections for women of all shapes, sizes, and age—proving that sophistication is always on-trend.

Marta Gaska

Marta Gaska

Personal Style

What part of town do you live? West County.

Favorite piece of art you own? Photos of my family.

What kind of stationary do you use? Post-its.

What kind of pets keep you company? My dog, Boxer.

Favorite flowers? Pink roses.

Favorite gadget? My iPhone, it keeps me organized.

Favorite restaurant in St. Louis? Roberto’s in South County.


Favorite drink? Extra dirty martini.

Favorite dessert? Crème brûlée.

Favorite snack? Walnuts.

Favorite car? A Mercedes convertible.

Favorite workout? Walking with girlfriends.

Favorite vacation? The beach. I love to try and relax.

Favorite movie? Anything funny to make me smile.

Favorite book? Joyce Meyers spiritual books.

ALIVE_Sept_p072-4Favorite superhero? Super Woman. Sometimes I have to pretend I am her.

Favorite style icon? None. People inspire me.

Your outfit is never complete without? French Kande necklace.

Staple piece for fall? Jack by bbdakota fur vest.


Beauty & Maintenance

What kind of mascara do you use? Chanel.

What’s your moisturizer? Chanel.

Favorite hair product? Curling iron.

Perfume/cologne? Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf.

Favorite soap? Lavender.


Nail-polish color? Nude.

Where do you get your hair cut? Mary Cates Salon.

Where do you get your mani/pedi? Always different.



Who would you like to be stuck on an island with? My daughters–can’t choose one.

Who do you look up to most? My mother, she risked a lot for our family.

How many siblings do you have? Three.

Where are you in the sibling lineup? Oldest.

What’s one word that most people would use to describe you? Honest.



What brand is your favorite pair of jeans? Paige Denim.

Favorite t-shirt? Michael Stars.

When you need to belt it? Leather Rock belt.


A piece of jewelry you wear every day. My watch.

Shoe obsession? Free People booties.

Favorite versatile piece? My Trible blazer.


Favorite discovery you’ve made? How to own a clothing store and maintain a family.

Who inspires you? My children.

Favorite place in the world? Poland.

Favorite movie? Anything funny.

Favorite app? My alarm.

Favorite look/vibe to channel? Trendy.

City that inspires you outside of St. Louis? Chicago.

Favorite beach? Any white sand beach.

This story appeared in the September 2015 issue. 

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