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Lusso | Drea Ranek 

After what she refers to as a period of “corporate burnout” as a private label clothing designer, Andrea Ranek decided to follow her dream to open up a boutique that could harness her interest for wares of the uncommon variety. An eclectic mix of home goods, special occasion items, accessories, jewelry and clothing soon became the heart of Lusso—crafting a niche that’s one part practical and one part extraordinary.

Drea Ranek

Drea Ranek

Personal Style

What part of town do you live? Shrewsbury/South City. 

Favorite piece of art you own? It’s an entire door, painted by local artist Vesna Delevska. We saw her painting live at an STL Fringe show and my husband bought it for me for my birthday. 

What kind of sheets are on your bed? I learned about good sheets way too late in life. Apparently, thread count does matter. 

What kind of stationary do you use? Lusso stationary, of course! Local paper maven Cheree Berry redesigned our notecards, biz cards, tissue paper and more this year. Love the quality. 


What kind of pets keep you company? We are currently full-time parents to a green anole named Pablo, six fish and a snail. Part-time parents to a silver cloud salamander, two garter snakes, three grey tree frogs, five toads, a few Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a millipede, and I don’t even know what else. 

Favorite flowers? Any flower I get is my favorite. 

Favorite gadget? My Punchcase purse–it charges my phone! 

Favorite restaurant in St. Louis? Sidney Street. 

Favorite drink? Prosecco. It’s the “house wine” at Lusso. 

Favorite dessert? I always save room for dessert but if I’m forced to pick, it would be Carolyn Downs’ (Cyrano’s and Sugarfire Pie) bread pudding. 


Top three DVR shows? “So You Think You Can Dance.” 

Favorite car? I’ve always longed for a 1968 Corvette Stingray convertible.

 Favorite workout? Oh, I don’t work out. 

Favorite font? Currently into loopy fonts like Janda Stylish Script and chalkboard fonts like No Regrets Sketch. 

Favorite vacation? My family and I went to Wisconsin this summer and spent time at my cousin’s organic dairy farm. What an amazing experience for all of us! But Switzerland is nice in the summertime too. 

Favorite movie? “The Usual Suspects.” 

Favorite book? “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb. 

Favorite fictional character? Beatrice from “Much Ado About Nothing”

 Favorite style icon? Coco Chanel.

Beauty & Maintenance

What kind of mascara do you use? Bobbi Brown.

What’s your moisturizer? Erin’s Faces Peptide Daily Moisturizer.


Favorite hair product? Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray.

Perfume/cologne? Anything from Tocca.

What toothpaste brand do you use? Colgate Optic White.

Favorite soap? Claus Porto.

Nail-polish color? She Drives Me Crazy by Deborah Lippmann.

Where do you get your hair cut? JuJu B’s in Chesterfield.

Where do you get your facials? Who has time for facials? If I did I’d go to Ethos Aveda; I’ve heard they are amazing.

Where do you get your mani/pedi? Lucy Lee; I like to stay on the block.


Who would you like to be stuck on an island with? Jimmy Fallon.

If there was one person, dead or alive that you could have dinner with, who would that be? Abe Lincoln, Bill Murray or Karl Lagerfeld.

Who do you look up to most? My big sister; that would be Melissa my business partner. She is my business advisor, medical advisor and parenting advisor all rolled into one.


Who do you aspire to be like? The truest version of me.

Who are you most like? My mom.

How many siblings do you have? Two.

Where are you in the sibling lineup? I’m the baby.

What’s one word that most people would use to describe you? Creative.



What brand is your favorite pair of jeans? J Brand.

Favorite brand of underwear? Hanky Panky boyshort.

Favorite t-shirt? Peace Love World. Let’s just say I’m addicted to my phone, so it’s the perfect tee for me!


A piece of jewelry you wear every day. My Anne Sportun wrap bracelet. Oh, and my one-of-a-kind Anne Sportun wedding ring.

Favorite designer (if you have to choose one). Why? My favorite Lusso designer is probably Yoana Baraschi. She knows how to cut a dress for a woman’s body.

Shopping mecca? Well you really can’t beat NYC for shopping.


Shoe obsession. I have a ridiculous collection of black boots.



Favorite discovery you’ve made? The beauty and support of an all-female crew at work.

Who inspires you? Jonathan Adler. He’s created an empire doing what he loves.

Necessary extravagance? Organic fruit.

Favorite place in the world? Hong Kong, because you can shop until midnight.

Favorite charity? I’d have to say Lydia’s House is a really lovely local charity, they provide transitional housing for abused women and children.

Favorite hotel? Last summer we stayed at the Hotel HUGO on the edge of SOHO. It had this awesome top floor bar with a beautiful view of the Hudson and a breeze flowing through the open walls.

Do you Tweet? No, but I Facebook and Instagram a lot.

Who is your fashion idol? With so many amazing girls showing off their style on blogs, Instagram and Pinterest, they are my style idols right now.

What’s your go-to website? I have a love/hate with

Favorite app? Erin from Erin’s Faces has recently got me hooked on the Think Dirty app.

Favorite look/vibe to channel? Black turtleneck and jeans.


Spotify channel? Currently enjoying “Chill Rock.”

City that inspires you outside of St. Louis? I love Hong Kong for the crazy pace, the amazing diversity of food and the blending of eastern and western culture.

NYC, LA or San Fran? NYC.

Favorite beach? Do the Cliffs of Moher count?


This story appeared in the September 2015 issue. 


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