Style: Brush Your Shoulder Off

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Drop your hefty carryall this season in favor of light, essentials-toting day clutches in leather and suede.


Call it an early attempt at spring cleaning. Lately, the need to lighten your load in all areas of life is becoming more of a priority than a luxury; it’s time to purge. Your first victim? Your everyday handbag. Lugging everything from your wallet to your water bottle to six pairs of sunglasses, you could live out of it—like a suitcase—for days at a time. Not only is it unnecessary, its time “on-trend” has come and gone. The latest looks are handheld and hold just enough to keep former Girl Scouts (who still hold to the motto, “Be Prepared”) satisfied; your brush will easily fit, but you’ll have to keep your curling iron at home.

[Top Left] Tan clutch available at Paperdolls, Kirkwood, 314.965.3655. [Middle Left] Snakeskin clutch available at Paperdolls. [Top Right] Cream clutch available at Ivy Hill, Central West End, 314.367.7004. [Middle Right] Woven clutch available at Ivy Hill, 314.367.7004. [Bottom] Studded clutch available at Mary Jane’s, Central West End, 314.367.8867.




Photo credit: Photo by Carmen Troesser

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