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The result of puzzle-piecedtogether memories, of-the moment charm bracelets carry meaning and style this season.


The mere mention of multiple trinkets dangling from a single chain or strand calls to mind both gypsy jewelry and the accessories seen on age-old nomads accustomed to carrying their every treasure. On an owned charm or amulet, gypsy lore states, “If it could speak, we should expect to hear from it an echo of the familiar voice of the wearer.” Throughout time, they’ve warded off evil spirits, served as symbols of faith and luck, protected those in battle and identified one’s family origin, religious and political convictions; similarly, those worn today most often represent important people and moments in one‘s life. They’re kind of like fabulous tattoos for those with commitment issues, or for those who fear needles like some fear spirits.

Links of London “Flutter & Wow” silver bracelet available at Chesterfield Jewelers, Chesterfield, 636.537.5590.

Rembrandt Charms bracelet available at Chesterfield Jewelers, Chesterfield, 636.537.5590.

Sally Sohn bracelet available at YlangYlang Fine Jewelry, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.5555.

Codi gold bracelet with Swarovski crystals available at Codi, Ladue, 314.692.2634.

Loose charms: Monica Rich Kosann charms available at Simons Jewelers, Clayton, 314.725.8888.


910_415.jpgLinks of London Silver Bracelet

911_415.jpgCodi Gold Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

912_415.jpgSally Sohn Bracelet

913_415.jpgCodi Gold Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

914_415.jpgMonica Rich Kosann Loose Charms


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of the retailers

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