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Sewing up loose ends with Project:Design! winner Stephen Curd.


In reviewing Stephen Curd’s resume, few would guess that the St. Louis native graduated from college just four years ago (Lindenwood University, specifically, where he majored in fashion design with a focus on menswear). Already peppered with runway shows and accolades, it backs what those who’ve seen his work firsthand already know: He’s destined for success.

Catching Up With Curd

The 2011 winner of Saint Louis Fashion Week’s annual Project:Design! competition, Curd earned the love of online voters and judges with his impeccable “gender-bending” GaricStephens collection. “I love a great menswear pant that looks both flattering on a male, and sexy on a woman,” he says. “My signatures are my use of vintage fabrics and the tailoring of my clothing— they’re things I have worked on for years to perfect.”

Currently living in Chicago, Curd can’t say enough about the competition’s networking opportunities and what it did to jumpstart his business. Since the big STL win, he’s shown in Chicago Fashion Week and has had his line picked up by several boutiques.

East Meets Midwest

Come Fall 2013, Curd’s loyal fan base can shop his latest brainchild—a collection motivated by the Velvet Underground song, “I’m Waiting for the Man.” However, for Spring 2013, he’ll be focused on the inspirations of another designer.

Curd recently returned from New York, where he completed an internship under designer Raul Penaranda. “I was hired to create four looks for his Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show,” Curd says. “It was a complete honor and dream-come-true.” And, obviously, he made an impression. “He has offered me a job as a senior designer, and I will be moving to New York in July to get started!”

Judging from his long-term goals, he’ll be back in the Midwest soon enough. “My plan is to soak up as much information and experience as possible in New York,” Curd explains. I want to return to Chicago stronger, open a few boutiques and travel all over—to take on the fashion world, one state at a time.”



Designs by Stephen Curd


Designs by Stephen Curd


Stephen Curd


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