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Simple Strategies make a big difference in reducing everyday stress and anxiety.


Most people would agree that managing stress is an ongoing battle. Whether it’s the day-to-day grind, an emotionally charged situation or anxiety about work, it can seem as if we never get relief from stress and tension. This New Year, resolve to recover your emotional health and relax with a little help from Dr. Jennifer L. Abel, author of the recent book, “Active Relaxation.”

The Problem.
According to Dr. Abel, a St. Louis psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders, one of the biggest problems in reducing stress is that most people wait too long to treat it. We often wait until anxiety has spiraled out of control, and the relaxation techniques we apply are no match for our high stress and anxiety. For example, we may only take time to de-stress with a hot bath, massage or deep-breathing exercise at the end of a busy work week or a non-stop day of outings and errands. And, although these techniques certainly help relieve stress, they often fail to have a significant effect on the overall stress and anxiety levels in our daily lives.

Another problem, says Dr. Abel, is that most stressed people get even more tense at the thought of trying to relax because they are afraid of “losing their edge” or feel they are wasting time. The bottom line: Many practices we use are merely a band-aid to the problem instead of a treatment.

Simple Solutions.
In her book, “Active Relaxation,” Dr. Abel helps people solve this issue by providing easy strategies to cope with anxiety throughout the day and thereby decrease stress and improve relaxation. Her book also offers tools and step-by-step approaches to help control tension and slow down without losing your edge.

Over time, these everyday practices go a long way. After using the techniques for many years, Dr. Abel says people “report their energy and productivity levels have increased.” It’s a natural byproduct of stress reduction—they have more time and energy to enjoy leisurely activities, which gives them a greater sense of balance and ultimately more happiness.

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Simple strategies to reduce everyday stress.


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