STL's Lizzie Weber Is Back In The Lou With Brand-New Single 'Love Again'

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Lizzie Weber has released a new single, “Love Again,” and it’s beyond your typical singer-songwriter ballad. “Love Again,” is smart, beautifully orchestrated and challenges the trends in modern pop music. It’s no wonder the artist released it as a single—it really does stand on its own.


Photo by Meg Webster

Weber got her start performing while attending Nerinx High School here in St. Louis. There, she sang in chorus and performed in school plays. Other than that, and a little background in piano, she had no real music training.

Weber went on to attend Marquette University in Milwaukee for broadcast journalism and theater. It was around that time that she started to pick up the guitar. Enjoying the way she transitioned from piano to guitar, Weber began writing songs.

She moved out to Los Angeles, California shortly after to further pursue a career in acting. “I was convinced I wanted to do film and TV, but at 20 you don’t know what you want to do. I knew I wanted to perform, but I didn’t know in what capacity,” she says. “When I got to LA, there was enough about the acting industry that turned me off. Some people are cut out for it and some people aren’t. I wanted to focus more on music, which was my other passion,” she says—at that’s exactly what she did.

During her time in California, Weber worked at a yoga studio where she had the opportunity to play her original tunes for classes of students upon their suggestion. “I was truly baffled people were asking me if they could download my music. That’s how out of touch I was in knowing where I was in my music career. At that age, maybe I needed some validation,” she says.

Weber had recorded a video for YouTube of a song she called, “Doubt.” Family friend and local musician, Billy Croghan (Les Gruff and the Billy Goat) ,had seen the video and suggested they record it in his home studio. After listening to the song and the story, Croghan altered the song title to “Safe Distance,” which then became Weber’s first single.

Since then, Weber has recorded a full-length album, wrote a song for a documentary called “Caffeinated,” has songs playing in Starbucks worldwide, toured internationally in Japan, and had the privilege of joining one of her idols–Markéta Irglova–on stage for a special performance.

Photo by Nick Garcia

Photo by Nick Garcia

“I was so nervous, but also so honored to play music with her and her band,” Weber says of her time performing her song “Lighthouse” on stage with Irglova and members of the Swell Season and the Frames. “I showed up to sound check, we ran the song twice, then they played it with me. To have that kind of encouragement, that was a big moment for me.”

As Weber was writing her newest ballad, “Love Again,” her brother John Schranck—a classically trained musician–noticed she was on to something. “He was walking by the piano one day and he was like ‘that’s really good,’” she says. “He’s a tough guy to impress, so for him to say that to me made me feel like I was going in the right direction.”

From there, her brother jumped on board, lending his knowledge of traditional composition and dynamic style. Combining it with Weber’s emotional intuition and songwriting, the two went to work. “Once we had finished the piano piece, we fiddled around with arrangements and instrumentation to accompany the song,” she says, “He’s my brother and I’ve looked up to him my entire life for how smart he is.” Schranck is currently pursuing his PhD at University of California—Santa Barbara.

Finding inspiration from the Beach Boys’ song “God Only Knows”—specifically the french horn section—the two wanted to create a piece where the instrumentation really took on the melody and became a character. “We did butt heads on some things,” says Weber. “There’s a bridge in the song where the strings play triplets over the quarter notes on piano. I was adamant that that wasn’t going to work, but in the end I heard it in the studio with the quartet and it was so beautiful.”

Photo by Morgan Schuler

Photo by Morgan Schuler

“Love Again,” was recorded at Carriage House Studios under the direction of producer Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Warren Zevon, Ryan Adams). “I met him a year and half ago when I lived out in LA,” Weber explains. “I was introduced to him by a friend. When I sent him the song he was like, ‘This could be a really cool project,’ and was willing to take it on right away.”

Excited that she was going to work with a Grammy-winning producer, Weber now had to figure out where she would get the funds to record the single. Any independent recording musician knows that money doesn’t grow on trees and recording—especially in a top-notch studio with LA-based session players—isn’t cheap.

“I applied for a grant through the Regional Arts Commission. It didn’t pay for the whole thing, but it helped,” Weber says. “You have to write an essay and yes, it’s a process, but that’s what they are there for and it’s worth it.”

Weber has recently moved to the Northwest in a little town outside of Seattle, Washington called Anacortes. “I felt really comfortable in St. Louis. It’s such a tight-knit community,” she says. “So initially I felt the loss of that, but like anything else in life I’m just giving it the gift of time.”

Weber is in town for a brief stint and you can see her perform alongside Beth Bombara at Native Sound Friday, May 6. This intimate show will blow you away; you don’t want to miss it. Follow Lizzie Weber on Facebook or Twitter. Download “Love Again” on iTunes today!

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