STLFW Runway Recap: Skif

 In Style

Designer Nina Ganci of Skif International is truly a master of her craft, taking knitwear to the next level. The charming runway presentation was one of the highlights of the finale show at Union Station.

Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine and Saint Louis Fashion Week.

STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4483 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4186 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4201 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4216(2) STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4248 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4270 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4291 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4307 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4333(1) STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4369 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4382 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4401 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4425(1) STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4446 STLFW14_Skif_Schwigen-4467(1)

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