STL Videographer Brings Men's Street Style to the Forefront

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Like any other city, St. Louis has its own style that varies in personality from neighborhood to neighborhood. Street style is often the most prevalent means by which people can develop an accurate perception of those personalities and what they mean. The troves of street style photographers that dominate larger markets (like New York and Chicago) really didn’t exist here—until now.

Moving Portraits: Adrian O. Walker from Andy Koh on Vimeo.

Andy Koh, a self-taught videographer and architecture student at Washington University, is starting this scene in small doses, and he’s making a big splash. His fashion video series, titled “Moving Portraits,” profiles St. Louis guys he sees around campus or knows from going to shows or doing other video work on the side. After buying a DSLR camera for his architecture studies, he started experimenting with shooting video and photos last summer. Since then, he’s made this a full-fledged hobby.

Think of him as the Scott Schuman of the young fashion breed here; much like the famous “Sartorialist” photographer, Koh captures real people in their natural style, especially those who stand out in his eyes.

Moving Portraits: Willyum from Andy Koh on Vimeo.

Menswear can, at times, become monotonous —like how, for many, the shirt-tie-jacket-jeans combo has morphed basically into a uniform—but Koh keeps his eyes open to individuality as well as guys whose clothes fit and look sharp.

“When I look for subjects to feature in my videos, I look for people who wear their clothing confidently and proudly,” Koh says. “The thing that I love about men’s fashion is that it often only takes a single unique detail to take a simple or boring outfit into a standout ensemble.”

Koh has more “moving portraits” in the works, as well as some special side projects with area hip-hop artists he’s keeping under wraps for now. Until then, check out his other works on his Vimeo page and stay tuned for more profiles on local fashion-savvy guys.

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