STL Sessions: 15 Questions With The Free Years

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On Friday, May 29, self-described freedom pop band The Free Years, will descend on the Old Post Office Plaza in Downtown St. Louis to perform for the We Heart STL Best of the City Celebration. We caught up with band members Matthew James, Danny Hill and Ryan Myers just as they were launching a new website and Indigogo campaign.

Photo courtesy of The Free Years.

ALIVE: How did the band get together?
The Free Years: After playing music in St. Louis for more than ten years, we watched as more and more of our friends jumped ship. They left their music behind in favor of desk jobs, families and other endeavors. We weren’t ready for that, and may not ever be, so here we are.

ALIVE: Do you consider yourselves songwriters or musicians first?
TFY: Songwriters. A good song is more accessible than a good musician. Writing crazy time signatures and difficult theory isn’t (always) relatable. It can be really cool, but isn’t our first priority. You need no background to relate to a really good pop tune. There’s something to be said about a really great song.

ALIVE: What are three things you love about living in St. Louis?
TFY: One, the affordability. We can afford to pursue our music in this city while still managing to pay our bills. We tried to move to Austin, and realized that we would have to work more and practice less in order to afford our dreams. We are so thankful to be here. Two, the opportunity. Not everyone is a musician. This town isn’t saturated with people playing music. St. Louis has the opportunity of a big city, with the hospitality of a smaller town. Everybody wants everybody to succeed. We want everyone to live their dreams right along with us. Three, the beer-ability. There is some incredible craft beer housed in this city. We love Schlafly, Urban Chestnut, O’Fallon, 4 Hands … so many beers!

ALIVE: Are you recording right now or planning to release anything in the near future?
TFY: We are actually launching an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund our first record. Please check it out! We will be raising funds to purchase the equipment to record, so this will hopefully be our only fundraiser. We have an entire album written and ready to go. Learn more at

ALIVE: Why are you excited to play the We Heart STL Best of the City Celebration on Friday, May 29?
TFY: We think it’s an incredible opportunity to discuss our mutual endeavors with likeminded people. All of these people are being rewarded and recognized for their hard work, and for putting positive vibes out into this incredible city. We want to share our dream with other driven people who are also living theirs.

Learn more about The Free Years on our famous session questionnaire below. See them live on Friday, May 29 at We Heart STL! Grab tickets here.


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