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Local bars and restaurants launch exclusive programs that give customers the VIP treatment.


At one time or another, we all want to be “in the know.” Several area bars and restaurants realize this truth and have recently developed members-only programs that allow patrons that exclusive experience. Sanctuaria (4198 Manchester Ave., The Grove, 314.535.9700) is taking full advantage of its impressive cocktail selection with The Sanctuaria Cocktail Club. For a one-time fee of $20, members can sample from an exclusive list of 150 cocktails, which includes classics as well as custom concoctions. Members also get access to a bevy of other perks, including monthly drawings for bottles of booze or wine and pricing specials on Sanctuaria events. Once you try all 150 libations, there are even more benefits to be had, like discounts on drinks and events.

Brennan’s (4659 Maryland Ave., Central West End, 314. 361.9444) has long been a purveyor of fine tobaccos, wines and spirits, but recently they’ve upped the ante by transforming part of their location into a Zino Platinum Lounge. Sponsored by cigar maker Davidoff, the club is one of just a few Zinos in the US and Europe. The club offers
monthly membership levels of $35, which comes with a $35 credit for tobacco, and $100, which gives access to monthly tasting events and a private cigar locker. All members get to take advantage of the optic drink system and its 30 different single malts, in addition to the swank interior.

The Cigar Club at Herbie’s Vintage ’72 (405 N. Euclid Ave., Central West End, 314.769.9595) also offers tobacco enthusiasts a private space to enjoy their cigars. For $1,000 annually, members get access to the private 30-seat cigar lounge and a personalized humidor, but the benefits extend beyond a comfy place to enjoy a good stogie. Members get two complimentary five-course wine/spirit dinners annually, invitations to periodic special events and preferred status at the restaurant proper. Membership is capped at around 45 people, so exclusivity is assured.

It seems in St. Louis, being “in the know” and being a card-carrying member go hand in hand.


1418_534.jpgZino Platinum Lounge



Photo credit: Photos by Alex Galindo

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