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Exclusive Cocktails by Candlelight event at Sanctuaria


A coincidental power loss at Sancturia on New Year’s Eve 2011 has inspired the trendy tapas and cocktail destination to make it a regular occurrence with a new concept dubbed Cocktails by Candlelight. Illuminated by a few hundred candles
to recreate the impromptu ambiance of the first blackout, exclusive members of Sanctuaria’s Cocktail Club, influentials from the United States Bartenders Guild and honored guests will gather to expand and indulge their passion for fine spirits while raising funds for worthy local causes. Each evening has a theme, and for a nominal fee, guests get unfettered access to the communal crock-pot and punchbowl, as well as unlimited cocktails from the evening’s list of original libations. “Fear and Loathing in the Grove” was the theme of the latest Cocktails by Candlelight, held March 28. Guests dined in a surreal 1970s atmosphere (inspired by the works of Hunter S. Thompson), and indulged in Irreplicable Press Punch and edibles like pink tacos, “adult” fruit salad and blue rice with gonzo beans. Ten percent of the proceeds went to support Urban Studio Cafe?. In the future, look for local chefs to get in on the action by contributing to the crockpot of culinary delights tasted by candle light. (Sanctuaria, 4198 Manchester Ave., The Grove, 314.535.9700.)


1465_553.jpgCandlelit dining space at Santuaria

1555_553.jpgIrreplicable Press Punch custom cocktail


1469_553.jpgIrreplicable Press Punch custom cocktail




Photo credit: Photos by Egan O’Keefe and courtesy of Sanctuaria

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