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News Anchor, KMOV-TV Radio Play-by-Play Voice of the St. Louis Rams


He’s one of the beloved voices of St. Louis sports who’s as active in the STL community as he is in front of the camera. As a trusted news anchor for KMOV, Steve Savard spends his days heading three daily newscasts, an ESPN radio appearance and weekly coverage of the St. Louis Rams. And he’s got the Emmy’s (six to be exact) to prove it.

HOW HE GOT INTO THE BIZ My brother was a TV weathercaster in Joplin. He encouraged me to get into the business, and I followed his advice. Thanks, bro.

EDUCATION/TRAINING I have a B.S. in Journalism/ English from Northwest Missouri State University. I also graduated from the Broadcast Center in preparation for a career in TV news.

BEST WORK DAY EVER Covering the Rams Super Bowl parade. I was frozen solid after six hours stationed along the parade route on Market Street but loved every minute of it. It was a surreal celebration capping a dream season no one saw coming. I was proud of how well-behaved, yet raucous St. Louisans were that day.

WHY HIS JOB ROCKS I’ve witnessed some of the most memorable moments in St. Louis history while I’ve been on the clock. I get paid to inform viewers. And, on Sundays, I have the privilege of broadcasting NFL football. There are only 32 of those jobs on the planet.

TYPICAL DAY I cover a story in the field mid-afternoon and then contribute to the 5pm newscast. I have a daily radio segment on 101 ESPN at 5:45pm. After that, I head to the studio to co-anchor the 6pm newscast. I wrap up the day by co-anchoring the 10pm newscast.

PROUDEST MOMENT Pulling back into town in 1994 after I was hired by KMOV. I never made getting back to my hometown a goal, but it has worked out very well for me and my parents.

BEST JOB PERK In sports, it’s getting paid to cover events I would otherwise pay to see. In news, it’s the feeling you get that your reporting on a story actually helped a viewer get resolution.

ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN There are no hair or makeup people hanging out waiting to get you ready for the newscast—despite the age of high-definition television. Local TV news has little in common with network news.

FAVORITE INDUSTRY ANECDOTE It’s amusing how viewers perceive us in TV news. I never get the same reaction when people meet me in person for the first time. Some viewers tell me how much bigger I am in person than I look on television. Others tell me they thought I’d be bigger than I am. Some think I look younger in person while others say I look older. I’ve heard it all.

BEST THING ABOUT SPORTS IN STL It’s a town with a blue-collar identity. Fans here don’t demand perfection, but they do value work ethic, effort and a team-first attitude. Superstars are popular here as long as they conduct themselves in the right way. But just as popular are guys like Kelly Chase, Tony Twist, Rex Hudler, Mike Matheny, D’Marco Farr and Jim Hanifan. That’s not the case in every professional sports city. I love that about St. Louis.

GOALS FOR THE FUTURE I’ll keep it simple—to remain gainfully employed. It sounds elementary, but this is a very competitive and fickle business.




Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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