Startups: Advanced Placement is A Grad's (And Public University's) Best Friend

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Better Weekdays CEO Chris Motley and his team collaborate with universities to open enriching careers to students through job-matching.


Kunal Parbadia, co-founder and vice president of operations; Chris Motley, co-founder and CEO | photo by Wesley Law

How does Better Weekdays help young jobseekers?

We help them discover the most relevant jobs on their mobile device in a unique, engaging way. This helps university career centers (our clients) provide efficient services to their students and alumni.

The funding Missouri public universities receive is now tied partly to job placement rates. Currently, they don’t have an effective way to capture where alumni work. We provide a private platform for students and alumni to manage their career so that we track their data for universities

What does success look like?

Career services is a lot like Blockbuster in 2001, and we’re trying to create Netflix. Success for us is collaborating with innovative universities in STL to make meaningful connections between graduates and

How does it serve alumni later on?

Our goal is to better engage alumni by providing personalized job opportunities as they navigate through their careers. This will ensure their university stays relevant and connected to their alumni base.

How would you like it to change in the future?

I always look for ways to increase the speed of learning and of execution on what we’ve learned. For us, this requires quicker collaboration with universities. If these two things happen, we’ll improve the lives of a lot of people while being profitable. That would be a wonderful thing.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

This is perhaps the biggest piece of advice I can give: Be very clear to people on how they can help you move your business/initiative forward, then let them self-select in or out. It’s my way of steering clear of folks that don’t have our best interests in mind because we’re always thinking about how we can add value to others. That alignment from the start is key.

This story appeared in the October 2015 issue.

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