St. Louis Native Lizzie Weber Releases New Album—and She Wrote It Just for You

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Say what you will about the Midwest, but there’s no doubt that the heartland is a place where your community will always hold you up and surround you with warmth—even when you’re at your most broken.

At least that’s how Lizzie Weber sees it. The St. Louis native has settled into a growing career as a singer-songwriter in the Pacific Northwest, but she draws her strength from her Missouri roots, which she says gives her the confidence to make music that’s not only lush and layered, but also deeply vulnerable. “From my first moments as a performer, acting in plays as a young girl and teenager in high school, all the way to when I began writing songs; receiving total support of the St. Louis community kept me going as I was navigating it all,” she says. “The Midwestern spirit is something that was so invaluable to the development of my core values and artistic confidence.”

St. Louis Native Lizzie Weber Releases New Album—and She Wrote It Just for You

The songs on Weber’s latest EP, “You,” (streaming now on Spotify), were actually written years ago, in response to a breakup so traumatic she “couldn’t bring [herself] to record them for a while.” Lucky for us, though, she pulled those lyrics out of the drawer and delivered three gorgeous songs that map the contours of a painful and extraordinarily personal hurt with clear-eyed grace and no trace of cliché. Weber even directed her own music video for the title track, and if her quietly magnetic performance here is any indication, you won’t want to miss her show on Dec. 27 at Foam.

And fingers crossed that she’ll also play a few songs from her other EP, “River,” which she recorded with Academy award-winning artist Markéta Irglová in Iceland last march. Irglova is best known for co-writing the smash hit “Falling Slowly” from the filmturned-musical “Once,” and she’s a perfect harmonic match for Weber’s silvery vocals and carefully tender lyrics.

“It’s a vulnerable thing, to dedicate your life to making and sharing art,” Weber says. “But my beginning and roots in St. Louis provided a foundation from which I could grow, and that’s all I could ever ask for.” Weber’s latest work is a fantastic thank-you gift.

Images courtesy of Lizzie Weber.

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