St. Louis-Based Vegan Leather Jacket Line, Fauxgerty, Launches This Friday

 In Style

Vegan leather isn’t just for vegans anymore. Faux leather has come a long way since the days of pleather and it is often now indistinguishable from the real thing. Fauxgerty, a cleverly named line of vegan leather jackets designed by Chrissy Fogerty, will launch this Friday, offering up a locally designed collection of options for the socially conscious consumer.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Fogerty.

Photo courtesy of Switzerfilm.

Handmade in New York, the debut line, The Primary Collection, uses the power of color association to appeal to each individual’s personal story. Fogerty, who is based in St. Louis, says, “I took my love for this one article of clothing and made it in a way I could be proud of. The Primary Collection is a forward-thinking and artistic apparel line with conscious consumer roots. We model the jackets on all types of women who all share one thing—a love for individualism.” On the upper right shoulder on the back of each jacket, “primary” is embossed in Morse code, a brand signifier authenticating the piece.

Get a closer look at the line and purchase the jackets while they last (only a limited quantity will be available) on the Fauxgerty website beginning on Nov. 21. For even more information, email

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