Spirits: The New Margaritaville

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Fresh ingredients and alternative recipes breathe new life into the Mexican classic.


Through no fault of its own, the margarita has gotten a bad rap. Thanks to pre-made mixes and Jimmy Buffet, the drink has become somewhat of a cliché. And that’s a shame because an authentic margarita can be every bit as simple and elegant as, say, a classic martini. Traditionally consisting of tequila, an orange liqueur like triple sec and fresh lime juice, the margarita is sublime on its own, and can also be a springboard for cocktail creativity. Take the creations at El Borracho, for example. Its Key Lime Skinny Rita features key limes and fresh orange juice for a clean and refreshing libation. The addition of some of their house-made sour mix and fresh fruit yields concoctions like the Avocado Mango and Watermelon Margaritas. With fresh ingredients and quality tequila, the margarita offers endless possibilities well beyond “wasting away in Margaritaville.”


1473_556.jpgWatermelon (left) and Avocado Mango Margaritas at El Borracho


Photo credit: Photos by Jonathan Pollack

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