Spin Your Way Slim

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Ride circles around your current routine with a spin class thats fun and fresh.


The appeal behind spinning is no mystery; the popular indoor cycling class has attracted fitness enthusiasts looking for an intense calorie burnup to 600 in one 40-minute sessionand shapely lower-body results since the 1980s. Now, 30 years after its initial craze, spinning cycles back into the spotlight thanks to the addition of music, video projection, inspired new routines and an infusion of modern workout trends.

Creative Cycling
In a typical spinning class, an instructor leads participants through routines that simulate terrain and situations similar to cycling outdoors. Although this seems simple and straightforward (easy as “riding a bike,” right?), creative classes are bringing a fresh twist to the basic format. Youll find everything from hybrid classes (spinning plus yoga), to video-enhanced routines that simulate the Tour de France or extreme off road trails, to highly scientific programs based on your individual fitness goals.

“Spinning is exciting and energizing,” says Julie Funke, who, with the help of her partners at St. Louis Spinning, introduced spinning to St. Louis in 1995 after experiencing it in L.A. and Chicago. “Our classes mix various workouts with spinning to get better overall results and keep things interesting. After just one class, people are hooked. Plus, when the weather is nice, we open the enormous studio doors so it feels like youre riding outdoors. Its a nice change of pace after a long winter indoors.” With the influx of fresh new classes, youre sure to find one that keeps you coming back for more of spinnings amazing benefits. If you havent been in awhile, its time to give it another spin.




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