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With inspiration from decades past, St. Louis couples enlist vintage details to make their wedding days the perfect toast to their futures.


Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. These couples have few things in common, but each embodied the style of their time. Whether you’re looking for all-American “I Dos” reminiscent of the 1950s, the glamorous feel of the roaring ’20s or the simple elegance of the turn of the century, there are countless creative ways to evoke the past in your present love story.


1/ Tea Time

The Couple: Brian & Erin Miller | The Photographer: Cami Wade
For bride Erin, saying “yes” to the dress took a unique path. A $200 dress found on eBay, with the addition of a petticoat and a few alterations from Heavenly Stitches in Chesterfield, gave this low-key bride the perfect tea-length dress to beat the heat on her wedding day.

2/ Milkshake for Two

The Couple: Ryan & Erin Karandzieff | The Photographer: Alison Duffy Photography
The retro vibe of Crown Candy Kitchen was all the more fitting for this couple because the groom’s family owns the famous St. Louis soda fountain. Aside from capturing family history in a photo, it was a chance for the couple to steal away a moment to themselves to share a chocolate-banana malt topped with whipped cream and a cherry—both sentimental and sweet.

3/ ’56 Chevy

The Couple: Mac & Desirae Heimsot | The Photographer: d-Squared Designs
The bride wanted to honor the memory of her grandfather during her special day, so this 1956 Chevy—exactly like her grandfather’s first car as a teen—was the perfect way to do it.

4/ Fitted Flair

Styled shoot by Hawes Photography
A bouquet created by Flowers to the People only added to the charm of this vintage bridesmaid dress. The double-breasted, tailored fit recalls the crisp dress designs of the 1950s.

5/ Hugs & Kisses

The Couple: Trevor & Kristi Pinkham | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
Few things recall the all-American 1950s quite like red gingham. These letters, crafted by the bride herself, were an added vintage touch that she knew would make for great photos.

6/ Breathtaking Beauty

The Couple: Philip & Amanda Ryan | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
The billy ball flower adds just the right pop of bold color—it’s also great for grooms who don’t want “girly” boutonnieres. Amanda’s vintage yellow bouquet with billy balls and succulents—accented by her birdcage veil—made for a playful, yet elegant nod to the past as she walked down the aisle.


7/ Making Sparks

The Couple: Brian & Nicolle Rhame | The Photographer: Lisa Hessel
Piggybacking on a tradition started with Nicolle’s sister, who’d gotten married the previous year, Brian and Nicolle decided to celebrate their first moments of marriage with a sparkling throwback to Gatsby’s lavish summer parties at Egg Harbor.

8/ Flapper Fabulous

The Couple: Joseph & Jessica Howell | The Photographer: Amkar Photography
First spotted in a bridal magazine, this flapper-inspired gown was the first dress bride Jessica tried on. She loved the ’20s-inspired beading that covered the whole dress, and knew she would cherish it for years to come.

9/ Decked Out in Deco

The Couple: Will & Madeleine Huff | The Photographer: Carretto Studios
A special gift to the bride from her grandfather, these antique brooches—a nod to the Art Deco jewelry of the ’20s—adorned the bride’s dress, as well as the wedding attire of her grandparents.

10/ Pearly Perfection

The Couple: Chris & Kimberly Hirstein | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
With help from her aunt Sheryl, a freelance florist based out of Chicago, bride Kimberly chose pearls and feathers—two icons of the flapper era—to accent her floral arrangement.

11/ Family Treasures

The Couple: Simon & Halley Kim | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
Halley took treasured gifts from family members, normally found on her bedroom dresser, and displayed them on the greeting table to infuse her special day with an antique, yet personal touch.

12/ Birds of a Feather

The Couple: Trevor & Kristi Pinkham | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
With the help of ostrich feathers from Florist Row, the bride’s Steve Madden glitter heels were transformed into flapper-ready perfection by her best friend, Megan Gelber of KM2 Shoes in Chesterfield.


13/ Wedding China

The Couple: Amanda & Zach Chasnoff | The Photographer: White-Klump Photography
The bride’s “something borrowed,” an antique china set from a good friend, allowed her to combine timeless roses, orchids and baby’s breath with gorgeous serving dishes for unique centerpieces.

14/ Love Letters

The Couple: Trevor & Kristi Pinkham | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
Kristi took an old chest where she kept all of her notes and cards from Trevor and turned it into a “love letter box” adorned with lace for their special day. Guests wrote heartfelt letters, advice, poems and even drew funny pictures for the happy couple.

15/ Keys to Happiness

The Couple: Chris & Kimberly Hirstein | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
Inspired by Pinterest, Chris and Kimberly scouted vintage keys from antique stores throughout St. Louis and wrote each guest’s name and table number on an attached note. The guests were then asked to write down “the keys to a successful marriage,” whether serious or funny, and return them to the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony.

16/ A Couple of Kids in Love

The Couple: Chris & Kimberly Hirstein | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
The bride and groom were a little nervous that their 5-year-old nephew, Korbin, wouldn’t take to suspenders and a newsboy cap, but the little ring bearer wore his turn-of-the-century duds with pride.

17/ Outdoor Elegance

The Couple: Thomas D’Angelo & Caitlan MacKinnon-Patterson | The Photographer: Josephine Havlak
The florists of Montano Grant made each table setting unique by placing floral accents in vintage-inspired pitchers and basins. Iron candlesticks added height and just the right amount of romance for Thomas and Caitlan’s special day.

18/ Bites of Decadence

The Couple: Zach & Amanda Chasnoff | The Photographer: White-Klump Photography
Petit fours, often served with afternoon tea in the Victorian era, were the perfect bite-sized cakes to include in Zach and Amanda’s dessert bar, which also featured an array of cookies, pastries and toppings.

19/ Laced in Love

The Couple: Chris & Kimberly Hirstein | The Photographer: Beautiful Mess Photography
Often gifted to a lady from her suitor during the Victorian era, a lace parasol and matching gloves served as Kimberly’s wedding-day accessories—and testament to her love of all things vintage.



Erin Miller in her vintage gown


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Fitted Flair vintage bridesmaid dress and bouquet


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The Hirstein’s Pearly Perfection wedding


The Kim Wedding featuring family treasures


The Pinkham Wedding with Feathers


Chasnoff Wedding with Victorian China


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Hirstein Wedding with their 5 year old son


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