Something Old, Something New

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Brides shrug off tradition for more modern takes on the “rules” of wedding planning.


1/ EVERYTHING’S NOT COMING UP ROSES IN BRIDAL BOUQUETS—in fact, many brides are foregoing flowers altogether and choosing to carry feather, brooch or button arrangements instead. Single-flower arrangements are also popular to reflect a rustic ambiance.

2/ RUBIES, SAPPHIRES AND EMERALDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND, TOO. Stones of all colors are becoming popular alternatives to traditional diamond settings. Whether it’s a family heirloom updated to a modern setting or a new stone set to resemble grandma’s engagement ring, you can pick any stone in any setting to make your ring a truly unique piece.

3/ BRIDESMEN AND GROOMSMAIDS ARE THE NEW MUST OF A WELL-ROUNDED WEDDING PARTY. Gone are the days of a matchy-matchy wedding entourage. Now, brides and grooms are opting for individualized formalwear—fitting of their more diverse wedding parties. It’s totally in vogue for a bride’s brother or best guy friend to stand on her side, or a groom’s sister or best gal pal to stand up for him. And don’t stress if you don’t have an even number on each side—a groomsman can walk two bridesmaids down the aisle, or a bridesman can parade down the aisle on his own.

4/ DESSERT IS MORE THAN JUST A PIECE OF CAKE. Couples are choosing a variety of desserts instead of the traditional tiered cake. A cupcake bar allows guests to choose their favorite flavors, while a pie bar satiates the sweet tooth with vintage flair. Allow guests to fill party bags with items from a candy bar, or forego sweets altogether and fill a table with a variety of cheeses, nuts and dried fruits.

5/ FOOD CAN BE LESS FORMAL AND MORE FUN. Formal sit-down dinners can be swapped for many unique (and equally fabulous) food choices—hors d’oeuvres stations with delish finger foods, a fun food truck at the reception, carnival-style popcorn as a parting snack, or even a more traditional buffet complete with a mashed potato bar.

6/ A GUESTBOOK CAN BE MORE THAN A SIGNATURE. Create a guestbook experience that will give you something to remember—by asking your guests to give wedding day advice or well wishes that you can add to your scrapbook or memory box. They can even be submitted in a fun and different way via wine corks or another element that ties into the theme of your big day.



Unique Bridal Bouquets


Displaying Rings on Flowers




Pie Bar


Popcorn Bar


Memory Box


Photo credit: Bouquet photo by Benjamin Trevor Photography. Ring photo by S. Carmody Photography. Groomsmaid photo by Simpli Photography.

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