8 Snapchat Accounts For Serious Wanderlust

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If you happen to have a serious case of wanderlust, here are the Snapchatters to follow that will let you travel everywhere all at the touch of a button.



Photo courtesy of The Blonde Abroad

Every week it seems as if Kiersten is landing in another beautiful country. Her Snapchat story is filled with stunning sunsets, majestic beaches and food so beautiful you’ll want to reach inside the screen and take it.



Photo courtesy of Raya Was Here

Raya is fairly new to traveling full-time, but that doesn’t stop her from seeing every inch of the world. From playing with elephants in Thailand to walking along intricate tiles in Morocco, Raya’s travels will make you want to journey far, far away.



Photo courtesy of Fun For Louis

Louis Cole takes traveling very seriously. His passport is filled with more stamps than I can count, he has friends from all over the world and he tries any food that is placed in front of him. His snaps include all the details of an adventure-filled life you’ll soon want to lead.



Photo courtesy of My Life’s A Movie

Alyssa’s life is a movie. One week she is in Cabo, the next in Spain and she brings her followers with her everywhere she goes.



Photo courtesy of Getting Stamped

Let’s talk about #relationshipgoals. Couple Hannah and Adam travel all over the world and Snapchat their adventures along the way. Not only have they been to more than 30 countries, but they are helping their followers see the world through their eyes.



Photo Courtesy of Expert Vegabond

From surfing in Norway to snapping classic cars in Cuba, Matt travels to some of the most unique locations in the world all for that perfect Snap story.



Photo courtesy of Steve Booker

Steve is a photographer and pro-Snapchatter. His story is filled with adventures to Cape Town, Los Angeles, Antartica and anywhere around Europe. Viewing his story, you’re going to want to have a cheeky coffee and figure out how much it’ll cost to hang glide over Fiji.


Image courtesy of Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s Snapchat story is full of food, tours, guidebooks and lots of magical places. Follow the story this week to get an inside look into the best foodie places in Brazil.

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