Slenderize Your Spirits?

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Keep your cocktail low-cal with FUZE’s line of fl avored beverages

Like many waist-conscious consumers, I’m always looking for beverages that deliver taste without the extra calories. Enter FUZE
Slenderize, a low-carb and low sugar line of flavored beverages enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Their tagline, “refreshingly smart,” says it all. With sweet, fresh flavors like Blueberry-Raspberry, Tropical Punch and Strawberry-Melon and made with metabolism-boosting ingredients like L-Carnitine and vitamin C, Slenderize replenishes, quenches your thirst, and doesn’t add calories.

Slenderize makes it easy to sip at the office or bar—being calorie-conscious doesn’t mean you have to cut cocktails from your weekend routine. Substitute a Slenderize for a high-calorie mixer; try one of the FUZE recipes, like my favorite, the Power Punch. Made with Tropical Punch and coconut rum, it’s refreshing and light and is always a hit when I entertain at home. Look for other must-try flavors like Tangerine-Grapefruit and Cranberry-Raspberry at your local grocer and create your own cocktails while saving on calories.

The boys behind Amalgamated Brewing Company and The Stable have debuted a new rum called 85 Lashes (the name refers to the proof of the rum). Made at The Stable’s micro distillery, the rum is handcrafted with 100% sugar cane and molasses and aged at barrel
strength of 160 proof in French Oak. The result is a well-crafted, distinct rum—available at The Stable by the bottle or the glass and other select venues (1821 Cherokee St., Benton Park, 314.771.8500).

The Urban Studio Café is now open Downtown in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood. The nonprofit café focuses on generating funds to assist neighborhood programs and serves Kaldi’s coffee, sandwiches, scones, bagels and smoothies (2815 N. 14th St., Downtown).

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