Shop Talk: Wearable Masterpieces by Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co.

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For 30 illustrious years, Paloma Picasso (daughter of iconic artist, Pablo) has designed decadent baubles exclusively for Tiffany & Co. After decades of creating graphically alluring pieces, Picasso proves that the ability to create timeless art runs in the family. Picasso’s three new celebratory collections— “Marrakesh” (shown), a seductively intricate collection inspired by Moroccan grid patterns; a collection of charming and delicate “Dove” pendants; and “Hammered Circles,” softly textured hoop earrings and necklace in yellow or rose gold and sterling silver—will be available this spring at Tiffany and Co. (Plaza Frontenac, 314.692.2255).



Paloma Picasso for Tiffy & Co.

Paloma Picasso collaborates with Tiffany & Co. for a collection of decadent baubles


Photo credit: Jewelry photo courtesy of Tiffany and Co.

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