Shining My Light: Leo, the Sun and your Ego

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The Sun is currently in the sign of Leo.

Nearly everyone knows their Sun sign, because the Sun, in astrology, represents the core of your ego’s sense of self. Your soul shines its light through the prism of your Sun sign, giving specific, dominant qualities to your personality. Other planets, in other signs in your chart, give a richer and more nuanced texture to your personality, but the Sun, as it does in the solar system, provides the light and warmth of your human being.

Through the first four signs of the zodiac, the soul—having established itself in human form as an ego—evolves into the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun. It is here that the soul, as a unique and divine ray of the one light of creator, makes use of the ego to express the essence of that light into the physical realm through creative passion, playful competition, and radiant love.

Which sign and house your Sun falls in your birth chart will describe how you radiate your soul’s unique light. For example, a Sun in Gemini in 11th house can shine as an intellectual wit, orator and communicator within groups and among friends. A Sun in Scorpio in the 6th house may bring brilliance to serving others in emotionally supportive and intimate ways. Just how well these personalities express the highest potentials of their qualities depends on the level of wholeness and consciousness one has developed thus far in the soul’s journey. If one’s Taurus/2nd house experiences have left a void in the area of self-worth or material security, one’s Sun expression might be cut short, repressed, and/or distorted by needs of the shadow wound.

Typically, we all have a unique blend of shadow/wound backgrounds that hamper the fullness of our light’s expression. This becomes the stuff of what is termed our “healing work.”  Among our goals as spiritual beings is to develop, as humans, enough holistic consciousness to allow our soul to flow through our human egos without distortion or blockage. It is in this way that, in the long run, we are able to shine our lights into this world, with full brilliance as the powerful stars that we are. This is what fuels our creation of heaven on Earth.

It is in the next sign, Virgo that we will learn to receive feedback and develop discernment, necessary for mastery in this endeavor.

Current Transits 

The New Moon was on August 2 in Leo.

Image by Barry Kerr

Image by Barry Kerr

New Moons are beginnings, and though it has already happened, the effects are still in play for a few days. In Leo, this New Moon invites us to embrace our majesty as a child of the one creator, to be a co-creator of this world. What is your unique expression? How do you radiate agape love and joy? By becoming the fullness of your personality’s potential, you are a hand of God, so to speak. The trick is to do it in alignment with your soul’s wisdom.

Neptune is quincuxing this New Moon, urging you to trust your heart’s feeling intuition, even in the face of the unknown. With Venus also in Leo, love will inform your creative expressions and give you courage. Mars, having just entered Sagittarius—conjoining Saturn and trining the New Moon—will lend wisdom and purpose to your actions. So, if you get an inspired idea during this New Moon, trust it deeply and commit.

Saturn has been retrograding since March 25 and now turns direct on August 13.  Since it also remains in square with Neptune into September, it is time to take what you’ve learned about your beliefs over the past four months, perhaps involving some disillusionment, and incorporate it into this next cycle of creating your heart’s desires. Devotion and discipline are key factors.

Discernments will come as Mercury in Virgo squares this Saturn/Neptune alliance Aug. 6-7, focusing awareness on your beliefs regarding service versus servitude. When Venus in Virgo squares that same duo on Aug. 13-14, the invitation will be to gently relax your inner critic and follow your joy and playfulness instead of your fear.

The Full Moon is on August 18 in Aquarius.


Image by Barry Kerr

Image by Barry Kerr

A Full Moon casts light on the shadows of the sign polarities.  Leo, in shadow, is domineering and unaware of the needs of others.  The Aquarius shadow is unaware that changing the world begins with self.  Again, opening your heart to your soul’s warm radiant light, through joy and gratitude, dissolves the shadows and is the doorway, for us all, to creating a more beautiful future, personally, and for the world.


Barry Kerr, a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer, has 35 years of experience with an international clientele. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed therapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology, energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Skype or in person in Madison, WI. Inquiries are welcome – free 15-minute consultation to explore if this is for you.  Visit for more information or email Barry at

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