Selequity Shapes a Land of Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate

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From left to right: Bill Florent, Mark Burkhart, AJ Chivetta, Maria Desloge, Parker Condie | Photo by Wesley Law

From left to right: Bill Florent, Mark Burkhart, AJ Chivetta, Maria Desloge, Parker Condie | Photo by Wesley Law

Selequity, an online commercial real estate crowd-funding platform, wields the motto “access creates opportunity.” With that thinking in mind, founder and CEO AJ Chivetta is molding what he dreams will one day be the leading online platform for real estate investors.

How did the founders decide to take the plunge and start a new company?
We have worked for decades providing services to the commercial real estate industry. Together, we helped build one of the country’s largest commercial real estate services companies, Cassidy Turley, so we’re all very entrepreneurial. Selequity creates a new, efficient way for people to invest in real estate and provides access to opportunities that were mostly unavailable to individual investors. This will fundamentally change the way real estate is financed, and we want to play a part in big changes in our industry.

What has the process been in order to bring Selequity to life? What have you learned?
The process has been to leverage our national network of real estate experts to help shape the services and technology we bring to a new marketplace. We have also been lucky to find incredibly talented team members through this network. We have learned that a startup is very different from the established companies where we’ve spent most of our careers, but the differences are really exciting.

How do people respond when you explain the concept for the platform?
Real estate owners see this as transforming the way they raise capital, with more exposure to investors and greater transaction efficiency through technology. The really fun responses come from investors who now see a way to increase returns and perhaps invest in their own communities. There is something really satisfying about being able to drive by an investment.

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This story appeared in the September 2015 issue.

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