Schlafly Offers Beer-Lovers A Cure For What ‘Ales’ Them With The Hop Trial SMaSH Pack

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The feel-good hit of the summer cannot be found at the multiplex or on the radio. The best melody in town comes from beer connoisseurs singing the praises of Schlafly’s new Hop Trial SMaSH Pack.

Courtesy of Schlafly.

Courtesy of Schlafly.

Introduced last month, each locally produced 12-bottle variety pack features four exclusive hop varieties spanning a savor spectrum that is sure to please every beer-lover. Each Hop Trial SMaSH Pack contains three bottles each of these savory flavors: Hallertau Blanc (floral), Bramling Cross (spicy), Enigma (fruity), and Eureka! (piney).

Schlafly knows it’s okay to experiment. That’s what sets each box apart from the run-of-the-mill brews and beers of commercial companies. Hence, every box offers a variety of styles, unleashing the distinctive qualities of each ingredient via single-malt and single-hop beers, which focus on the hop variety of each pack.

Ambassador Brewmaster Steve Hale is excited about the new product which supplements Schlafly’s 50 unique styles of craft beer. He explains, “In our two brewpub locations, we talk to consumers and educate them on the different flavor profiles of our beers.” He continues, “With the Hop Trial variety pack, they can conduct a tasting of the four Hop Trial beers in their own home, and our packaging gives them the tasting notes to decipher the differences.”

Courtesy of Schlafly.

Courtesy of Schlafly.

Hop Trial SMaSH Pack also fits snuggly with Schlafly’s ongoing Hop Trial program, a vision that introduces the concept of how to isolate a single varietal to the everyday punter. Created, crafted and curated by Schlafly, it utilizes its established connection to hop farmers to regularly push the boundaries of taste by developing an invigorating array of new hops.

Initiated last fall, this merger of sips and socializing features Schlafly’s beer experts eliciting feedback from patrons about potentially new future Hop Trial offerings through their blogs and social media.

It’s all about the flavor of the month as a new beer is unveiled to a thirsty public, at both locations. Consumers then sample these fresh new brews and offer their immediate thoughts and share tasting notes on the Hop Trial message board. Since its inception the program has been a boon, with over 102 different hops being added to the Schlafly portfolio.

Although the Hop Trial SMaSH pack can be purchased at the Bottleworks or Tap Room locations as well as across Schlafly’s distribution area, beer aficionados can also score theirs at Schlafly’s annual Hop in the City beer festival, held Saturday, Sept. 17 from noon to 5pm. The event showcases food, suds and sounds with more than 40 Schlafly beers on tap.

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