Runway Report: Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

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The latest looks and the celebs already sporting them!


Claudia Schiffer in a wool poncho.
Kate Moss in a glitzy cape.
Katie Holmes in a casual knit topper.
Singer Ke$ha in a Halloween-ready wrap.
Natalie Portman in military-inspired outerwear.

Kate Hudson in winter white.
Katie Holmes in high-waisted denim.
Kim Kardashian in wide-legged blues.
Mary-Kate Olsen in pinstriped trousers.
Victoria Beckham’s paperbag waist.

Angelina Jolie in a simple shift.
Gwyneth Paltrow in a stark trench.
Katie Holmes in a three-piece suit, sans extras.
Jennifer Aniston in a classic LBD.
Julia Roberts borrows from the boys.

Angelina Jolie in head-to-toe camel.
Blake Lively in a wool toggle coat and matching tights,
Jennifer Lopez in a neutral sweater and accessories.
Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfect winter mix.
Victoria Beckham likes it tan and tailored.


822_390.jpgCloaks: Claudia Schiffer

823_390.jpgCloaks: Ke$ha

824_390.jpgCloaks: Kate Moss

825_390.jpgCloaks: Ke$ha

826_390.jpgCloaks: Natalie Portman

827_390.jpgBottom-Heavy: Kate Hudson

828_390.jpgBottom-Heavy: Katie Holmes

829_390.jpgBottom-Heavy: Kim Kardashian

830_390.jpgBottom-Heavy: Mary-Kate Olsen

831_390.jpgBottom-Heavy: Victoria Beckham

832_390.jpgMinimalist: Angelina Jolie

833_390.jpgMinimalist: Gwyneth Paltrow

834_390.jpgMinimalist: Katie Holmes

835_390.jpgMinimalist: Jennifer Aniston

836_390.jpgMinimalist: Julia Roberts

837_390.jpgNeutrals: Angelina Jolie

838_390.jpgNeutrals: Blake Lively

841_390.jpgNeutrals: Sarah Jessica Parker

842_390.jpgNeutrals: Victoria Beckham

843_390.jpgNeutrals: Jennifer Lopez


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