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Carmelita Nuez crafts functional and sculptural pottery that complements your simplest moments.


When it comes to pottery, ceramic artist Carmelita Nuñez utilizes a back-to-basics approach to craft kitchen items, jewelry, decor and specialty pieces that are designed to make even the most mundane daily ritual as special as it can be. Her line and collective, affectionately named Kung Fu Chicken, is an interdisciplinary art studio run by Nuñez and her husband, Daniel Shown, a fellow  multimedia artist.

Whether she’s crafting one of her best-selling bowls or a sculptural home decor item, each piece is created as an ode to the daily acts of living: eating, drinking and gathering with friends and family. Nuñez transforms her ideas into a reality from sketch to pottery wheel, paying special attention to surface design and illustration. Each item is then painted by hand, using mason stains mixed with a slip to create consistency in the color palette. This act of creating gives way to design details that mirror the concept of her work: Even the seemingly simple stripe patterns on the bowls are blurred from the firing process, leaving them shadowed with movement and depth.

Pieces by Kung Fu Chicken can be found at Nuñez’s eponymous collective but also at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design and SOHA Gallery. If you’re seeking something even more precious, she’s open to bespoke pieces.




Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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