Inside STL’s Fashion Reality Show “Resale Royalty”

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Diana Ford, Sue McCarthy and Laura Maurice

This April, reality TV is set to hit St. Louis in a big way. “Resale Royalty,” which will air May 12 at 8pm on the Style Network, chronicles the story of Sue McCarthy and her daughters, Diana Ford and Laura Maurice, who own one of the best resale stores in the country. No strangers to their luxury shop, Women’s Closet Exchange, we’re enthusiastically awaiting a peek into the closets of some of St. Louis’ savviest socialities and the trio’s sometimes chaotic, but always glamorous lives. In an effort to sneak a little insider info, we caught up with Diana Ford.

ALIVE: When did you find out you would be filming for a reality television show?
It’s been somewhat of a long process, but it has been such a great experience. The best part has been going through this surreal journey with my mother and sister, and showcasing our collective passion, Women’s Closet Exchange. We can’t wait to introduce our viewers to our store!

ALIVE: How has filming “Resale Royalty” changed your lives?
Filming for the show has meant some additional work hours, but the payoff has been priceless. We have had an opportunity to work with magnificent individuals in the fashion world.

ALIVE: What do you think viewers will learn about Women’s Closet Exchange during “Resale Royalty” that they would have never known otherwise?
Viewers will see the magnificent closets that we have access to for our closet buys, as well as the overwhelming amount of designer items that walk into our stores daily! They will receive designer insight such as our authentication process and how we determine if a product is real or fake, and what a product should be priced at. We hope everyone walks away realizing that you can look like a million without spending one. Most of all, we want the show to shed a light on the amazing fashion scene in St. Louis!

ALIVE: Will you be watching the episodes live?
Absolutely! And we hope that all of St. Louis will as well!

Resale Royalty airs May 12 at 8pm on the Style Network and is a Rachel Zoe and Coolfire Originals production. Stay tuned into The StyleList at for show updates and special sneak-peeks into the show.

Photo by Attilio D’Agostino; hair by Todd Wenick; makeup by Kim Stuart


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