Recently Ringed: Sara Dayley, 27 & Chris Turley, 33

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This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


How We Met: I met Chris in July 2009 in a suite with co-workers at a Cardinals game. I was then working at 101 ESPN, Chris’ former employer, so we had many mutual friends. We eventually made the connection that he and my father, former Cardinals pitcher Ken Dayley, had gone deep-sea fishing together during a previous spring training trip. At the end of the night, Chris asked me to dinner, and a week later, went on our first date to BARcelona in Clayton. Just two days after our first date, Chris told his best friend, Jeremy, he was going to be the best man at our wedding.

The Proposal:
Things didn’t start off exactly how Chris planned on the night of the proposal. I was in Georgia covering a race and missed my flight home. Chris had insisted that I be home and ready by 6:30pm for a formal charity dinner with a client. Chris quickly booked me a new flight home that afternoon, and I sensed he wanted me home so he could propose. On our way to the “charity dinner,” we stopped by the Cardinals stadium to pick up an autographed jersey that was supposedly going to be auctioned. Once inside, Chris said we needed to cut across the field to get the jersey because we were running late. He grabbed my hand, and at about center field, he was shaking like a leaf. The Jumbotron immediately lit up saying, “Sara, will you marry me?” We ended the night with a candlelit dinner in the same suite where we first met.

The Big Day: November 19, 2010 at Windows on Washington


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