Recently Ringed: Sandra Polanc, 36, and Christopher Lee, 37

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These St. Louis couples are looking forward to tying the knot.


HOW WE MET: Sandra and I originally met at Wildflower restaurant. We got into a debate, which turned into an argument that cleared out the entire bar. I dont think we even knew each others names. Two years later in 2005 my father and stepmom told me that they found a bar manager for Melange (Chris former restaurant in Central West End; hes now Executive Chef for Cafe Ventana, Chuy Arzolas and Sanctuaria) and so I went with my parents to meet herand it was Sandra. I thought, “oh no, not this girl again,” and I immediately told my folks she was trouble and not to hire her. She started two weeks later. One day I had made scrambled eggs and bacon for the staff, including Sandra, while working. Sandra will tell you I must have drugged the eggs, because she started asking me out every day after that. After two months, I caved.

It was February 14, 2009 and Sandras 35th birthday. Sandra slept in and was expecting to just have a normal birthday and Valentines Day. She came down-stairs to find me ready to give her gifts. I gave her a pop-up card with glitter and butterflies firstSandra loves sparkly stuff and butterflies. Then I told her to close her eyesand when she opened them, I was on one knee with tears in my eyes holding an open ring box. She was silent, probably in shock, but then said yes. After some phone calls and celebration lunch at our favorite place on Telegraph called Orient, I took her to the Butterfly House where we took our first picture as an engaged couple. To carry on the butterfly theme, I then took her to Monarch for a celebration dinner later. I had called the Executive Chef, Josh, ahead of time for a special arrangement for dinner in the chefs table wine room and called Sandras parents and my parents to join us.

April 20, 2010 at Cedar Lake Farm in Wright City, MO



The Happy Couple

Soon to be married


The Happy Couple


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of the couple.

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