Recently Ringed: Samantha Inman, 24, and Gregory Lewis, 25

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This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


How We Met: The first time I met Samantha was in 2005 at a friends house. I was a sophomore at DePauw University and was in town for my spring break; Sam was a freshman at Missouri State and just got back from her spring break trip to Panama City. Within an hour of her arriving, she came up and introduced herself to me, and convinced me to drink a beer bong. We ended up having our first kiss and hanging out until the sun came up. We both returned to school that Monday and kept in touch by phone. The next time that we saw each other was over Thanksgiving break that same year, and we had our fist date at Growlers on Lindbergh.

The Proposal: I wanted to do something related to our first date. In discussing where to eat lunch on Sunday, I managed to make Samantha think that she was choosing Growlers. When we got there, the parking lot was empty and the restaurant looked closed. Obviously this put a kink in my plan, but we ended up going to Highlands Brewery where we have had a date before. Upon arriving, I “dropped” my cell phone in the car and asked Samantha to get us a table while I went back to my car. At this point in time, I stuck post-it notes on the windshield of my car that said, “will you marry me?” After lunch, I purposely left my credit card in the book so Sam would go out to the car ahead of me. As planned, she beat me to the car and saw all the post-it notes. She turned to me and asked “Oh my God, is this for real?” Then she said yes.

The Big Day:
May 14, 2011


877_402.jpgThe Couple: Samantha Inman, 24, and Gregory Lewis, 25


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