Recently Ringed: Nashville Musicians Live Their Own Love Song

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Jamie Burke was confused. She was standing there dressed in heels and a bubblegum cocktail dress, among a sea of cargo shorts, fanny packs and tennis shoes.

Her boyfriend Adam Brown had lured her to Nashville’s Cheekwood Botanical Gardens under false pretenses. Jamie was told she was here with Adam on a double date with Adam’s brother and Jamie’s friend, but they were all in on the surprise proposal. “I have some dirty lying friends,” Jamie jokes, recalling the confusion of the day. “I got told that we were going to a members-only country club. It wasn’t a country club at all.”

Jamie and Adam embrace after Jamie said yes. Adam asked her to marry him at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Burke)

Jamie and Adam embrace after Jamie said yes. Adam asked her to marry him at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Burke)

Confused, but not privy to the plan, Jamie meandered along the garden paths with Adam, Adam’s brother and her friend Julia. Eventually they entered a mansion on the property that was filled with art and ended up on a ivy-covered terrace overlooking the expanse of hills and greenery. That’s when it clicked for Jamie. “It was one of those, ‘Oh, I understand what’s happening’ moments,” Jamie says.

Despite Jamie telling herself not to cry, when she saw her best friend get down on one knee to ask for her hand, she couldn’t stop herself. All the while, her friends who were supposedly on their first date date were lurking in the shadows, taking photos to document the occasion. Truly, the perfect surprise proposal.

Keep scrolling to learn see Jamie’s latest music video starring Adam and hear Adam’s thoughts on love. But first, a little bit more about the couple.

The couple/ Jamie Burke + Adam Brown
Current age/ Jamie—26; Adam—32
Occupations/ Both singer/songwriters 
Wedding venue/ Cool Springs House in Nashville, Tennessee
Length of relationship/ 1 1/2 years

Describe the first time you saw Adam.

Jamie Burke: A friend of mine told me to download the Tinder app, because I kept going in circles with three or four of the same guys. I downloaded it on a whim and matched with him that day—and met with him that night. He was the first guy who opened the door and wanted to take a picture with me and show me off to all of his friends. What I thought was just going to be a drink turned into food across the street and then dinner the next night.

And three or four days after we met, he begged me to be his girlfriend at a Nashville Sounds baseball game. I had never dated like a normal, nice guy, so I told my mom, “There’s something wrong with this guy. He’s so nice.”

The night we went to the baseball game where he asked me to be his girlfriend, I didn’t say yes immediately because I always dated jerks. And I was like, this guy can’t be real. Why does he want to be with me? After the game, we walked from the stadium down Riverwalk in downtown Nashville; it had only been three or four days, but it was like something inside me was like, “You are already in love. This is the one you’ve been waiting for.”

How do you two like to spend time together?

JB: We work out together just about every day. We like to cook together. He doesn’t like hiking, but I like to go hiking together. We write music and do shows. We’re getting ready for a show tonight right now, actually. But I think the music and fitness kind of brought us together. It was important to me to have someone who has those two interests.

My first music video is called “What She Don’t Know,” and that’s been on tons of TV networks and stuff. But I’ve actually got Adam as my love interest in my latest music video, which is called “Bad Boy.” That ended up being kind of cool because some of the still frames look like engagement photos almost.


I love writing harmonies. And Adam gets how to find a harmony. He can find a harmony with anything that I sing. It’s really fun, too, if I didn’t know he was going to sing a certain note and he’ll come in on a song that I’m doing. It’s kind of fun when you hear it because it always sounds so good.

What’s it like to perform with Adam?

JB: Kind of nerve-racking, because Adam’s really good. Not just his voice, but he’s a really good guitar player. So I always get really nervous when we’re performing.

You two are getting ready for a show right now. Where are you performing?

JB: It’s called the Commodore. It’s not the Opry or anything, but when I first came out to Nashville, I think I was 14. My parents flew me out here to do a songwriting camp, and I got a one-on-one session with Jason Blume, who wrote “Dear Diary” for Britney Spears. I played him a verse and a chorus in the Commodore, and he was like, “If you don’t move to Nashville, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.” I was like “I guess if Jason Bloom says that …”

It can be a really hard town. Musicians are typically rowdy and don’t want to settle down. At least none of the ones I dated. I got pretty lucky. I got the one percent of the good guys that are left. They still exist! A lot of girls think all guys suck, but the good ones are out there.

Seems like you really love Nashville. Is that where you would like to settle down?

JB: I would like to be here in Brentwood or Franklin. Those are my favorite Nashville neighborhoods. If you’ve never been to Nashville, there’s just an energy in this town that I really love. There’s so much talent here, but I’ve found that the people in Nashville are the most selfless, kind people I’ve ever met and I think that’s where the “Volunteer State” thing comes from. They really take that to heart.


Jamie and Adam met over Tinder and fell in love their first week together. Now, they plan on starting their forever in Nashville. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Burke)

What’s the quirkiest thing about your relationship?

JB: I do a lot of weird voices and impressions and awkward dances. I break out into song like it’s a musical.

Adam Brown: She’s more the weird one. I don’t really participate. I’m just kind of there.

What’s a memory that sticks out from your time together?

AB: There was one day we went out to the lake—it was the Fourth of July, actually. She got on the front of my kayak and we kind of floated around the lake. I like being on the water. And we work a whole lot, so we don’t get to do stuff like that very often. It was kind of cheesy because it was a one person kayak and you have two people on there.

JB: What’s funny is that you fished, and I was just trying to tan. So I was trying to lay out on a one-person kayak.

AB: Yeah, she does not partake in outdoors. She will go hiking and that’s about it.

Any last-minute thoughts?

JB: You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you can appreciate your prince. So I’m thankful for all the bad guys because it makes me appreciate him just that much more.

AB: Guys are always wrong, girls are always right. Say sorry every day. And if she asks why, say, “You’ll know later. I’m sure I’ll do something later.” Tell all the guys to stay strong and fight the good fight.

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