Recently Ringed: Michelle Anne Kinney, 29 & Andrew Rex Reinink, 28

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St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.


The Couple: Michelle Anne Kinney, 29 & Andrew Rex Reinink, 28

How We Met: We met our first year in graduate school at Washington University; Michelle in PT school, me in Medical school. We both lived in the med school dorm, Olin Hall, that first year, and I’d see this beautiful blonde girl studying in the little café we had in the hall. We struck up a conversation when she came to the movie night I’d organized, and we hit it off immediately, discovering we both attend the same church (Bethel Lutheran in U. City). But we didn’t begin dating for over two years when finally we realized we were perfect for each other and officially became a couple in the spring of 2007.

The Proposal:
We’d been talking about marriage, and had looked at rings together at a couple of jewelers, but she had no idea that anything was imminent. She’s pretty sharp, so I had to figure out a way to make a special night without arousing her suspicions. The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend marked 2 1/2 years since our first date, so I proposed a nice dinner to celebrate. The location was a surprise, but once I turned south on Big Bend, she knew right away—Harvest! We had an absolutely amazing dinner and then drove to the foot of the Grand Basin, the sight of many romantic walks early in our courtship. The warm air, glowing fountains and dazzling Art Museum overlooking the basin made for a wonderful setting, and while strolling, I stopped, looked into her eyes, dropped to one knee, and with the ring in my hand, I asked her to be my wife. We rounded out the night calling family and friends to share our joy.

The Big Day: June 25, 2011


1116_467.jpgThe Couple: Michelle Anne Kinney, 29 & Andrew Rex Reinink, 28


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