Recently Ringed: Kristin Gleeson, 22 & Jacob Baker, 23

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This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


How We Met: Jacob and I met as kids at church camp the summer of 1999. Once he worked up the courage to talk to me, we instantly had crushes on each other and swore we were each other’s first loves. At the end of camp, we went our separate ways, but continued to keep in touch for a while. In 2006, I moved to Springfield to start my first year of college at Missouri State, and remembered that Jacob also went there. The first day I moved there, he asked me to lunch and showed me around campus. We ignored our feelings for one another until my junior year when we finally succumbed to what we’d felt all along for the past ten years.

The Proposal:
We dated for over a year, and despite moving around and being apart, our relationship stayed strong. In March 2010, Jacob took me back to the camp where we first met. We went for a walk on the same gravel road where we first realized we liked each other, and he asked me to marry him.

The Big Day: December 9, 2010 at The Conservatory in St. Charles


651_324.jpgCouple Kristin Gleeson and Jacob Baker


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