Recently Ringed: Krista Lazar, 25, & Anthony Mannino, 26

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These St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.


The Couple: Krista Lazar, 25, & Anthony Mannino, 26

How We Met: I met Tony at the Lake of the Ozarks in 2003; both of our parents have condos at the same complex, and one day my mom and dad met Tony on the dock and right away told him that he had to meet their daughter. My dad introduced us, and I was embarrassed at the obvious matchmaking by my parents. Our first encounter was only a short “hello.” Years later in 2008, I met up with a girlfriend at The Jive & Wail, and Tony was with the group of people she was sitting with. It was then he asked me for my number and the next day we made plans.

The Proposal: Tony started talking about getting engaged and what type of ring I would want. I wanted to design the ring, so he took me to Roemers Originals Jewelers in St. Charles. We sketched my dream ring on paper, but we left without a final decision. In the meantime, we had planned a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. In Mexico, we went to dinner one night. Tony is always playing practical jokes, so as we were sitting down, I noticed he had a huge pack of gum in his pocket. He got down on his knee—I was thinking he was going to make a joke and propose with his pack of gum, but he reached into his other pocket and pulled out the ring.

The Big Day: April 9, 2010.


198_113.jpgKrista Lazar and Anthony Mannino


Photo credit: Photos submitted by couples

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