Recently Ringed: Kate Betz, 28, and Steve Edstrom, 29

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These St. Louis couples are looking forward to tying the knot.


HOW WE MET: My mom met Steve two years ago while working at the Pie Pantry in Belleville and immediately knew she wanted him for a son. My mom would always gush to me after he came in about “the sweet Air Force doctor.” After six months of pushing with no results, she took matters into her own hands and set up a surprise meeting at The Pantry. I will never forget the first time I saw him coming around the corner; straight off a 30-hour hospital shift, but he still was so handsome. We talked for two hours, his hands shaking as he programmed my number into his phone. From then on, weve been inseparable.

By October 2009, I was getting a bit antsy as friends of ours tied the knot left and right. One evening, Steve suggested we go to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Paulos on the Mansion, and I thought nothing of it. After dessert, Steve excused himself to call my parents unbeknownst to meand check on his secret plans. When we arrived back at my house, flickering candles led up to tall yellow roses and a little red box with a big silver bow. There was nothing else I needed to hear. We spent the rest of the evening calling friends and family with our happy news.

May 14, 2010



Kate and Steve

The Happy Couple


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of the couple.

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