Recently Ringed: Genny Shannon, 23, and Michael Reid, 22

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This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


How We Met: I first met Michael through a mutual friend while in school at Southwestern Illinois College in 2007. We were just friends at first and said we never wanted to date each other because we didn’t want to ruin the great friendship we had developed. After spending time together as friends, though, it became obvious there were more than “just friends” feelings between us. After a couple months, we started dating, and we knew right away that we made the right decision by taking a chance on love.

The Proposal: Michael and I like to relax by stargazing together. We usually drive out on country roads with a blanket until we pick a spot to sit. In May 2010, we set out on one of those stargazing drives, but this time Michael had a surprise planned. Once we found the perfect spot, Michael asked me to get the blanket out of the trunk while he was getting something out of the car. When I turned around with the blanket, Michael had the ring out and was down on one knee. He told me how much I had changed his life for the better and how happy I made him. Then, he asked me to marry him, but I was so shocked and surprised by what was happening that I didn’t even hear him ask me to marry him! He had to ask me twice before I finally answered.

The Big Day:
September 2011


746_377.jpgThe Couple: Genny Shannon, 23, and Michael Reid, 22


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of the couples.

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