Recently Ringed: Courtney Loeffelman, 27, and Matt Gerding, 24

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This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


How We Met: We met while Matt was working as a District Manager for Club Fitness. He came to my work to sign up employees for corporate gym memberships, and I instantly thought he was cute. I got the information on joining the gym, emailed him the next week and went to the gym for a visit. I ended up joining the gym, and we started talking casually when I went to work out. After a while, we became friends and soon joined a co-ed soccer league with some friends. We started meeting up before the games to get a beer and bonded over our horrible soccer skills. After a few months of casually dating, we went to my family’s house at Lake of the Ozarks with my parents over Valentine’s Day weekend. After a romantic dinner at J.B. Hook’s, we became an official couple and have been inseparable since.

The Proposal: We went to Destin, Florida with Matt’s family for vacation in June 2010. We arrived early evening on a Saturday, and planned to drop off our luggage and head straight to the beach for a walk before sunset. When we got to the house, though, Matt said he wanted to shower and clean up before we went down to the beach. Once down at the beach, Matt began talking about our relationship and how happy I made him. He got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket and proposed. We then ran back to the house just as a huge storm came rolling in and celebrated with champagne and drinks with his family.

The Big Day: Fall 2011


744_374.jpgThe Couple: Courtney Loeffelman, 27, and Matt Gerding, 24


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