Recently Ringed: Christie Pollihan, 27 & Tony Vatterott, 32

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How We Met: Tony and I met through mutual friends three years ago. The week Tony and I began dating, he lost his brother in a car accident. I was just getting to know Tony, and before I knew it, I was at a memorial service for his brother, who I never even had the opportunity to meet. For a while, I thought I should take a step back to give Tony the time he needed to griever this immense loss, but instead, we would get coffee almost every night that winter and eventually grew closer. Before long, he had swept me off my feet.

The Proposal: The week of our engagement also happened to be the week of my birthday, and Tony said he wanted to go to dinner on Saturday night. I went to my friend Abby’s salon that Saturday to get a haircut and when I arrived, it was decorated with birthday banners, balloons and decorations. Apparently Tony wanted me to have a relaxing morning and had paid for all my services. As I was getting my hair done, six-dozen roses were delivered. Then Abby came out of the back room with a beautiful black dress and shoes and said that Tony had gotten these for me and wanted me to be ready by 1 p.m. He then showed up and took me on a special day, starting with lunch at the Saint Louis Art Museum, then a walk in the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden. As we were walking along a bride in the garden, Tony asked me to hold his camera. As I turned around, he was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

The Big Day: December 11, 2010


517_303.jpgCouple Christie Pollihan & Tony Vatterott


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of the couple.

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