Recently Ringed: Cady Scott, 32 and Kevin Seabaugh 32

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These St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.


How We Met: We met at a rehearsal dinner for a mutual friend’s wedding. Cady was this bossy bridesmaid who was showing the other bridesmaids how to hold their flowers and walk at an appropriate speed, and I was being an obnoxious usher, making fun of this obsessive-compulsive bridesmaid. We sat next to each other at the rehearsal dinner, then joined the rest of the wedding party at McGurk’s. The place was packed and as we walked in, Cady grabbed my hand so we wouldn’t lose each other, but the room
was so crowded that halfway into the bar, I had to let go of Cady’s hand. She turned around and said to me, completely joking, “Fine! If that’s the way you feel, don’t marry me!” Little did we know that’s how it would turn out.

The Proposal: I’ve been living in Chicago until we decide where to live after the wedding. Cady was meeting me for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Toro Sushi in Lincoln Park. While we were eating, I got up “to use the bathroom” and had the owner turn off the music. He then said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special event tonight,” and he introduced me as I walked out of the back with a sushi plate covered in roses. The ring, from Huffords Jewelry, was in the middle of the roses. After Cady said yes, the entire restaurant cheered.

The Big Day: December 11, 2010





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