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Two newly engaged St. Louis couples share their love stories.


Jennifer Hay, 27 & Mark Bassler, 29

Occupations: I am a first grade teacher, and Mark is a firefighter.
The Proposal: Mark proposed during a season ticket holder skate on the ice at Scottrade Center. He had purchased a game-worn jersey of my favorite (former) Blues player, Brad Boyes, and actually had him sign it. It said, “Dear Jennifer, Mark would like to know if you will marry him? I wish you all the best!” He proposed in English and in Swedish (we first met in Sweden), and had my ring engraved with “Jag älskar dig,” which is Swedish for “I love you.” Even better, both of our families were there to witness it all.
Our “Meet Cute”: I saw Mark for the first time in a hotel lobby in Stockholm, Sweden. We were both there for a trip arranged by the St. Louis Blues to watch their first two games of the season in Stockholm. I wouldn't necessarily say it was “love at first sight,” but I knew immediately he was a person I wanted to get to know better.
Our Song: “Umbrellas” by Sleeping at Last.
Our relationship in three words: He says, “Let's go Blues!” but I would say love, laughter and kindness.
Believe it or not: Mark and I grew up literally 30 minutes away from each other, and we both had season tickets for the Blues eight sections apart from one another—yet we met in Sweden!
Perfect St. Louis Date Night: A Blues game followed by a stop at McGurk's in Soulard, where we can get a celebratory drink and listen to some amazing live Irish music while sharing a delicious dessert!
Home Sweet Home: We plan to settle down together in Belleville, IL.
The Big Day: April 6, 2013 at St. Mary's Catholic Church for the ceremony and Bel-Air in Belleville, IL, for the reception.

Christine Voelkel, 24 & Kyle Cochran, 24

Occupations: I am a Dental Hygiene student, and Kyle is a plant supervisor with Semco Plastics.
The Proposal: He popped the question at my sister's wedding rehearsal, while we were standing up at the altar with the whole family there to witness it. My sister and her now-husband helped arrange it, so they didn't think we were stealing their spotlight.
Our “Meet Cute”: When we were in sixth grade, Kyle was so cute and had a little bit of that bad boy edge—I was “in love,” and wrote all about him in my diary, which I still have to this day! We “dated” that year for a whole week, but then I moved away, and we didn't see each other again until 2004 at our sisters' graduation. We started officially dating that summer, and have been together for eight years now!
First Date: We went to the Washington State Fair to listen to some country bands play.
Our Song: “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw.
Our relationship in three words: Exciting, devoted and loving.
Together, we like to: Go on hikes and visit the river and lake in the summertime.
The Big Day: June 15, 2013 at The Hyatt Regency Downtown St. Louis, 18th Floor Terrace.



Jennifer Hay and Mark Bassler

Jennifer Hay & Mark Bassler


Jennifer Hay and Mark Bassler


Christine Voelkel and Kyle Cochran

Christine Voelkel & Kyle Cochran


Photo credit: Hay & Bassler photos by Switzerfilm; Volkel & Cochran photo by Sara Michelle

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