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Three St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.


Audrey Glueck, 23 & Jacob Knigge, 27

How We Met
Jacob and I met online in September 2010.
Who would have thought you could find love
on a dating website like Zoosk? I thought
Jacob was cute, so I made the first move by
e-mailing him, and he wrote me back within
24 hours! We met at 54th Street Grill and Bar
for our first date. I was beginning to think
that Jacob was mute because he hardly talked
the entire timebut as it turns out, I just do
not know when to stop talking! He finally
shut me up with a big kiss at the end of our
date, and we have been together ever since.

The Proposal
On August 10, 2011, Jacob and I were sitting
at my parents house joking that Jacob had
found a Cracker-Jack-box ring for me on
eBay. Jacob and I had just moved into our
first house together, and later in the evening,
my mother and I went out shopping for
curtains. When I returned to the new house,
I heard music playing and spotted a package
in the middle of the living room. Inside, I
found a jewelry box playing “Stand By Me.”
When I picked it up, I noticed the lyrics of
our song, “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton,
engraved on the bottom along with what
would be my new initials. I assumed this was
a simple moving-in-together giftnot once
did it cross my mind that he was proposing!
Then, I opened the bottom drawer of the
jewelry box and found the ring. It had four
diamonds on each side of the band, which
belonged to his grandmother, and a round-cut diamond in the middle. I was in complete shock! He asked me, “You want to get
married, Audrey?” and without a question in
my mind, I said “yes!”

The Big Day
September 29, 2012 at Far Oaks Golf Club in

Molly Ross, 30 & Mike Fontana, 31

How We Met
Mike and I met in college at Mizzou, where we
shared mutual friends. We pulled all-nighters
together preparing for a Chemistry exam,
attended my sorority formal in a blizzard-like
snow storm and skipped class to play disk golf
on a gorgeous day. After we graduated, we stayed
in the same circle of friends, and many nights
of flirting at the Cheshire Inn turned into a

The Proposal
Every year, we take a trip to Colorado to ski
and visit friends and family. We always talked
about staying at The Broadmoor, and I thought
something was up this past year when Mike
suggested we stay there. Ive always had the
unfortunate ability to over-think a situation and
ruin a good surprise, and this was no exception. I
convinced myself that Mike would propose there
and prepared myself accordingly. We spent a
late night out with friends, and the next morning
was not easyeveryone overslept, and we had
to drive our friends to Denver before leaving
(not to mention, Mike had to patch a hole I had
knocked in the wall after sliding down the staircase
banister). I thought the night may have derailed
the proposal, but all was forgotten when we pulled
up to The Broadmoor. At dinner, over our never->more-delicious ice waters, Mike said, “You know,
weve been through a lot together” and I knew
it was happening! Although I had “planned” for
the proposal, I could have never been prepared
for the excitement and happiness that I felt at that
momentnor could I agree more with his opening

The Big Day
June 2, 2012 at St. Pauls Catholic Church,
Colorado Springs, CO, reception at The

Tabitha Meyer, 28, & Michael Tomko

How We Met
Tabitha and I met each other on Twitter
last January. At 3am one night, neither of us
could sleep. Lying awake in our respective
homes, tweeting about said insomnia, we
found our way into a conversation about how
Tabitha wasnt aware of things to do in the
city. After a series of messages and a little
gumption on my part, we met that night at
Off Broadway for what would be our first
date. Neither of us remembers any details
from the show because we were completely
engrossed in a five-hour-long conversation.
That night, I met my best friend and the love
of my life.

The Proposal
Since the very beginning, I have known that
Tabitha was the one for me, and it didnt take
long to decide that I wanted to marry her. In
June, I went to David Kodner Personal Jeweler in Clayton to get a ring made. I knew she
would prefer a proposal that was special and
unique, but also simple and private. So, on
the morning of September 18, we went back
to Off Broadway under the guise of working on a video project about why we love St.
Louis. While setting up the camera to interview owner Steve Pohlman, he received an
“important” phone call and had to leave the
room. Little did Tabitha know, the call was
actually from my friend Amy, and this was
my cue to step into the frame and pop the
question. In literally the same spot where we
first met, I got down on one knee and asked
her to be my wife. It couldnt have been more
perfect, and I was lucky enough to capture it
all on tape!

The Big Day
September 15, 2012 at Campbell House Museum,
reception at Off Broadway.



Audrey and Jacob


Molly and Mike


Tabitha and Michael


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of the couples

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