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A newly engaged St. Louis couple shares their love story.


Aimee Agosti, 29 & Laren Loveless, 29

Our Occupations: I am a fourth-grade teacher in the Mehlville School District and a real estate agent at Keller Williams. Laren is the fine arts director at Kitebridge.

First Sight: The first time I saw Laren was at a Band of Horses concert. I approached him, and he totally rejected me because he had a girlfriend. It was months later when we would run into each other that we would actually start dating.

First Date: Our first date was at Sasha’s on Shaw in the summer of 2011. We had a great time laughing over sangrias then seeing Fleet Foxes at The Pageant. We’ve been dating three and a half years.

The Proposal: Earlier in the day we had adopted a kitten that I had wanted after recently losing our cat to cancer. We were planning on celebrating his mom’s birthday that night and invited both of our parents over to go to Onesto for dinner. After dinner he brought the kitten out to show them. The kitten had on a bow-tie collar, and on the collar was the ring. He put the kitten on my lap and I didn’t even notice the ring. Once I saw it, he got down on one knee. The engagement was special because he wanted both of our parents to be there and knew it would mean a lot to them.

Our Time Together: We love traveling: We’ve been to Africa, Europe and plan on honeymooning in Thailand. Laren is a musician, so most of our dates in St. Louis involve music, wine and snacks. We also spend time biking all over the city.

Our Quirky Relationship: Our birthdays are exactly one day apart. Two Scorpios are quite the combo!

Our Big Day: June 13, 2015 at Mad Art Gallery in Soulard.


6102_1891.jpgphoto by Richard Fisher


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