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Two newly engaged St. Louis couples share their love stories.


Micaela Land, 26 & Mike Hasenmueller, 27

Occupations: I am a product merchandiser at Roman Jewelry Company, and Mike is team leader at Swank Motion Pictures.

First Sight: The first time I saw Mike was walking on the University of Missouri-Columbia’s campus. Little did I know the cute guy I noticed would later be my husband!

First Date: Mike wanted to see the horror film “Saw” and invited me. I hate scary movies and would always say no under a different circumstance, but I really liked him and was so excited to go.

Our Relationship: Mike and I have been dating for
more than six years—since our junior year of college.

The Proposal: Nov. 24, 2013 was a wonderful evening with all our favorite things: Chinese takeout, drinks, “Elf” and family at our apartment. Decorating the Christmas tree turned into an even more amazing evening with a proposal! I had no clue it was coming. Mike had mentioned looking at rings together, but since we hadn’t looked yet, I wasn’t expecting anything. When he proposed with my dream ring, I was floored.

Together, We Like To: Spend time seeing the latest movies, going to concerts, taking weekend trips to visit friends and binge-watching TV series.

Ideal St. Louis Date Night: Our ideal STL date is shopping and dinner in the Delmar Loop, then heading to a concert at the Pageant to end the night with music and friends.

Our Quirky Relationship: Mike’s “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” knowledge is growing with each season. Of course, this is a compromise for when football season starts.

Three Words That Describe Us: Meaningful, silly and honest.

Future Plans: St. Louis will always be our home! We love it here and plan to raise our family here.

The Big Day: May 16, 2015, with a ceremony at Messiah Lutheran Church and a reception at Peabody Opera House.

Shauna Hamby, 31 & Tyler Morse, 33

Occupations: I am a senior operations analyst III at Corizon Health, and Tyler is an operations specialist for Shop ‘n Save’s meat departments.

The Proposal: Tyler proposed on Oct. 13, 2012 (my father’s birthday) at Carlyle Lake on the spot that Tyler’s father used to always camp at. I’m very close to my father, and Tyler’s father passed away about eight months after we became a couple. It’s a missing piece in the growth of our relationship.

First Sight: I met Tyler’s mother in fall 2008 at a weekly networking group. Each week after, she tried to get me to meet her son. On Dec. 5, 2008, we met at Houlihan’s for a business lunch, and she called him to pester him to come up. As he sat down, his mother said she was late for a meeting and walked out. We went on our first date a week later.

Our Unique Love: Tyler has worked in grocery store meat departments for more than 15 years. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 16 years and was a card-carrying PETA member when we met.

Future Plans: We bought a shortsale home in Shiloh, IL, in late 2011, and we continue to work on remodeling it and making it our dream home.

The Big Day: May 15, 2015, with a ceremony at The Fabulous Fox Theatre, followed by a reception at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch.



Micaela & Mike

Photo by Laura Ann Miller Photography.


Shauna & Tyler


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