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Two newly engaged St. Louis couples share their love stories.


Christopher Fava, 27 & Gussie Matthews, 27

Occupations: I am an account manager at Search Influence, and Christopher is a project engineer at McCarthy Building Companies. We are both currently in New Orleans for Christopher’s job.

First Date: On our first date, we went to Tortilleria in the Central West End for tacos, then we (me [Gussie] reluctantly) saw “Cowboys & Aliens” at the Chase. Christopher actually fell asleep in the middle of the movie! We still struggle to find “shared shows” to this day.

The Proposal: It almost didn’t happen that day! Christopher drove in the middle of a snowstorm to St. Louis from Topeka, KS, where he was working at the time. The jewelry store was closed due to the storm, but luckily the owner came in anyway so Christopher could pick up the ring. He asked me to marry him while we were sledding at Art Hill last December. He steered us over to a secluded hill and got down on one knee in the snow overlooking the Boathouse.

Quirkiest Thing About Us: Christopher is a much better cook than I am, so when I cook, we have a code word that means, “Let’s order food instead”—in case it turns out really badly.

Our Relationship in Three Words: Laughter, respect and snuggles.

Ideal St. Louis Date Night: Probably dinner at a new restaurant we haven’t tried before, maybe a walk around the Central West End, then Brennan’s for a nightcap (that’s our place).

Our Unique Story: The most unique part of our story (so far) is that we both grew up in St. Louis, we’re the same age, went to rival high schools (Clayton and Ladue) and never met until we were 24. We were likely at the same parties and had friends in common, but we always say, “Thank God we met when we did,” because we probably wouldn’t have even gotten along at any other time in our lives than when we met.

The Big Day: May 9, 2015, at Salem Methodist Church in Ladue, with the reception

Mrunal Desai, 23 & Yash Mehta, 24

Occupations: Yash is a Midwestern University medical student, and I am a Wells Fargo analytics consultant. First Date: I met him at our church through mutual friends. On our first date, he made me eggplant parmesan at his apartment. We’ve been a couple for three years as of Oct. 23.

The Proposal: Yash proposed Feb. 22, 2014, at the top of the Arch. He had people write out “Say Yes” with paper across the seats of Busch Stadium, so when I was at the top of the Arch, I could see it really big. I am a huge St. Louis and Cardinals fan, so it was awesome that he incorporated both parts into the proposal.

Together We Like To: Head to Thai Country Cafe in The Loop, watch sports and enjoy music.

Our Relationship in Three Words: Silly, immature and caring.

People Would Be Surprised to Know: Yash is the total romantic in the relationship, and I’m the total guy. We are total opposites in our personality, but it helps us work together super-well and balances our relationship, so we love it.

Ideal St. Louis Date Night: A Cubs versus Cards game.

Our Song: “Heart Vacancy,” by The Wanted. Future Plans: For the short term, we will be in Phoenix because that is where his medical school is.

The Big Day: Sept. 5, 2015, at St. Charles Convention Center.


5822_1818.jpgChristopher Fava & Gussie Matthew. Photo by Daryl Thornton of 1216 Studios



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