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Two newly engaged St. Louis couples share their love stories.


Bryan Toben, 23 & Lola Hennicke, 23

Occupations: We are full-time musicians who perform together under the name Bryan & Lola.

First Sight: My first memories of Bryan are from the sixth grade. Bryan’s older sister sang in the same band as my brother, and we would go to their shows and take turns “sitting in” during practices. I remember watching him play the drums, rocking a blonde bowl cut, and I knew it was love at first sight. Bryan says he also has fond memories of watching me take the mic and sing with the band.

First Date: Our first date together was at Thai Country Café in the Delmar Loop. Bryan had never tried any Thai food before, but he certainly fell in love with more than just the spicy dishes that night.

The Proposal: Bryan asked me to marry him while we were on a camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park last August. After a 10-hour hike up to our campsite situated on a picturesque mountain top, Bryan got down on one knee to pop the big question and, of course, I said yes!

Our Unique Love: The musical bond that we share, plus the fact that I have known Bryan since the sixth grade makes our story unique. Since we are lucky enough to share the same passion and creative connection, the music we make together is an amazing experience, not only for us, but also for the audience. You can just feel the love.

Together We Like To: Spend time outside, enjoy good food and wine, travel whenever the opportunity arises and, of course, play music together.

Ideal St. Louis Date: If we are feeling fancy, our favorite date spot is Italian food at Trattoria Marcella near Lindenwood Park. We also like to go back to where it first started in the Delmar Loop, Thai Country Café, where we enjoy the extra-spicy eats.

Our Relationship in a Haiku:

Simple. Light-hearted.

Loving. Dynamic. Passion.

Better together.

The Big Day: Sept. 6, 2014, at St. Mary’s Church in Villa Ridge, MO, followed by a reception at Haue Valley Farm in Pacific, MO.

Josh Timbrook, 28 & Jodie Whitworth, 29

Occupations: Josh and I own The Heavy Anchor, a bar and music venue in South City.

First Date: We went to the Great Forest Park Balloon Race; we still go back every year to celebrate our anniversary.

The Proposal: Every Christmas, my grandma makes the grandkids find a gift via scavenger hunt and I like to carry on the tradition with Josh. He hates this game, but has been a good sport and has played along every year. You can imagine my surprise this Christmas when Josh handed me a piece of paper with a clue on it. I went around the house on a scavenger hunt and got to the final clue that read, “Now, put on your coat and meet me in the backyard.” I opened the door and I saw Josh standing in the yard, holding two dozen red roses while the song “Do You Realize??” by The Flaming Lips played in the background. He popped the question, and then we went out for a celebratory bottle of wine.

Together We Like To: Take our dog, Wednesday, to the park or go to South City for a bite to eat or drink at the dive bar, CBGB.

Our Relationship in Three Words: Fun, trust, communication.

Believe It or Not: When we met working at a previous job in a recording studio, I was actually his boss. He quit once we started dating.

Our Big Day: Sept. 5, 2014, at Tower Grove Park followed by a reception at Plush.



Photo by Brea Photography



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