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Two newly engaged St. Louis couples share their love stories.


Lauren Colvin, 29 & Tim Elwell, 30

Occupations: I am an on-air personality for KSHE 95, and Tim is a promotions coordinator for Emmis Communications.

First Date: It was Aug. 22, 2010, and we went to see Rush at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. We met Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, took maybe the best M&G photo ever, and then we hung out on the lawn all night singing our lungs out. We both love going to concerts, so it was the perfect date to start our relationship.

The Proposal: We are avid bike riders, and one Tuesday Tim was literally dragging me out of the house to go ride. We rode the bike trail leading to Forest Park, where we can marvel at the beautiful mansions along Lindell Boulevard, riding up to our favorite bridge in the park. Tim told me to take my helmet off, and I knew it was happening right there because this place was so special to us. I wish I could go into more detail, but I was so overcome by the moment I blacked out! Luckily, Tim had our friend and renowned concert photographer, Todd Morgan secretly taking photos of the whole experience.

Our Relationship in Three Words: Kind. Genuine. Entertaining.

Our Unique Love: We work together in radio, where meeting your spouse is inevitable. This occupation is time-consuming, so you make relationships within the industry because sometimes other media professionals and rock stars are all you know. Tim and I see each other every day at work, live together and still enjoy going out on weekends—I don’t know too many people who could handle this sort of constant interaction.

Quirkiest Thing About Our Relationship: We like to call ourselves “the Jim and Pam of Radio” because our story is very similar to theirs on “The Office.” Tim makes me laugh at least twice a day—he is adding 10 years onto my life with how happy he makes me. We met as coworkers and now we are co-walking down the aisle together. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. He’s my heart.

Our Big Day: Nov. 1, 2014.

Joshua Siegel, 27 & Jeannette Wong, 26

Occupations: Joshua is a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis, and I am a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute.

First Sight: When we first met, I had no idea Josh was so interested in me. He would stop by my spot in the library every day to say hello and eventually mustered up the courage to ask me out on a date. Four years later, we confided in each other that we couldn’t imagine spending the rest of our lives with someone else. A year after that, we got engaged!

The Proposal: Joshua proposed at the start of our long-awaited summer vacation in Sonoma Valley, CA. He had 18 of my favorite flowers, gerbera daisies, waiting for us in our room at the bed and breakfast we were staying at, and it made the moment incredibly special, because he doesn’t usually buy me flowers.

Together We Like To: Cook. Every Saturday morning we get up early, go to Soulard Farmers Market and then grab an apple fritter from John Donut. We’re also gardening enthusiasts. Last summer, we successfully grew a crop of tomatoes, kale, habanero peppers and eggplants.

Ideal St. Louis Date: Going to the St. Louis Astronomical Society in Forest Park for a romantic night of stargazing.

Our Relationship in a Haiku: Constant affection, Supporting one another, Forever we do.

The Big Day: Aug. 2, 2014, at Third Degree Glass Factory.



Photo by Hawes Photography.



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